Ponytronic – Aid For a Dead Affection (Lovestruck Brony Remix) | Electro

Some of you may recognise this already; that’s because it was originally released as the “Freescript Remix”. Freescript has since changed his alias to Lovestruck Brony since then, and this remix was released on Ponytronic’s channel yesterday. Although this was originally released under his old moniker almost a year ago, we thought it might be good to spread the word of his new name. Check it out for some quality Electro!


Ink Rose – Little Sunshine | Piano Ballad

Prepare for feels. Ink Rose, a YouTuber best known for reviews, voice acting, and art, brings yet another one of her talents to the table. Is there anything this girl can’t do?! Have an emotional piano and orchestra ballad that’s reminiscent of a Disney movie soundtrack.

EPT’s Top Ten Pony Songs of 2015

Hey guys! You might have already seen Francis’ list showcasing his top 10 pony tunes of last year, and now I’m here to show off 10 of my absolute favourites. I haven’t kept an exhaustive list over the year passed of my absolute favourites, so I may or may not be forgetting a track or two, but what I have assembled is a list of 10 of the best that I can remember, and I believe that every track on the list is well worth a listen!

So please, check after the break for the 10 tracks I’ve chosen as the best of 2015.

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Stallionslaughter – Pinkie Pie Party Pony | Hard Rock

If you’re a party animal, Stallionslaughter has got a heavy new JAM for you to rock out to. Featuring a spicy guitar solo courtesy of idkQuicksilver, this pink party pony parody of Big & Rich’s country track doesn’t pull any punches!


Flyghtning – The Cider (Flutterpride Remix) | Drum & Bass

Flutterpride is establishing himself as a relatively solid drum & bass artist, and here we have a remix in that style of Flyghtning’s recent TLT-influenced track ‘The Cider’, complete with piano as well as a fantastic lead synth later on in the track.



Crystal Slave – By Myself | House

NB: The original video was deleted, the above is an archive re-upload.

Here’s an early release from the Crystal Slave’s forthcoming self titled album with lyrics that capture Starlight’s despair after being separated from her friend.


fractilx – 5PECTACULAR 5EASON -second half- | Album | Electronic

fractilx recently released an album of songs inspired by episodes 14-26 of season 5, and we have a little overview of it. Check it out below the break!

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Jibicham – Dreamyshy | Chill House

We have an EXCLUSIVE piece here (well, almost, I found it on /r/MLPtunes earlier): Jibicham is a brand new name to the brony fandom, and while they have a bit of production experience under their belt, this is their first ever pony track, posted just earlier today. An well-rounded chill house track complete with spliced vocals, this is a great little tribute to Fluttershy.


Daniel Ingram – The Spectacle (Royalpony Remix) | Melbourne Bounce

Another Coloratura remix, this time Royalpony brings the bass with a banging Melbourne Bounce track. Complete with great visuals (and an epilepsy warning, please be careful!), this track can easily light up your dancefloor.