PonyForce – Battle Of The Two Sisters | Power Metal

I hope you’re ready for an adventure, because PonyForce has just released a ten minute-long power metal epic chronicling the showdown between Nightmare Moon and Celestia! The song is powerfully driven by grand symphonic elements, blazing guitars, and racing drums to tell a story further narrated by show samples. This is just the first part of PonyForce’s new concept album ‘The Princess Chronicles’ so be sure to follow him if you’re looking forward to more awesome power metal.



OhPonyBoy – The Stellae Key Episode 1: Mox Supra Jupiter | Electro-Musical

So here’s something that we weren’t expecting… OhPonyBoy has started a “musical webseries about space, beer and ponies.” If that doesn’t get you interested, I don’t know what will! The song is in French, but don’t worry, subtitles are available in multiple languages! He’s also running an Indiegogo campaign to help fund the rest of the series, so if you’re interested in supporting it, you can find links in the video description on YouTube.


fractilx + Kyu♥ – トワイライトとスパイクショー! ( トレーシング星明かり) | Chiptune / Video Game

Despite it being a fairly short track, fractilx and Kyu♥ have made an adorable little track here, with influence from the Paper Mario soundtrack. Apparently the super long title means “Twilight and Spike Show (Tracing Starlight)” in English. The more you know… Check it out for cute sounds and book horse.

Francis’ Top Ten Pony Songs Of 2015

Hi friends, I’ve just finished putting together my top ten songs of 2015. This is a list of my personal favourite songs from last year, and as such will probably be quite different from any of the publicly voted top x lists. I’ve included songs that, for whatever reason, resonated with me and/or have left a lasting impression over the year.

So venture past the break to see, in no particular order, my top ten of 2015.

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