Throwback Thursday | Del Rom – Skyline | Chillout

While I was scrolling through my list of subscriptions to try and choose a TBT piece for us this week, I stumbled across Del Rom’s channel. He has a fairly small following, but deserves more subscribers in my opinion. He released this song 8 months before anything else, somewhat of an anomaly from the usual Drumstep and Electro on his channel, but perhaps his most beautiful song. Sit back and enjoy this.


Francis Vace – Lost On The Moon | Ska-Punk

Francis has been on a roll recently with these cover songs (including a couple of non-pony ones). Have his latest – a rendition of WoodenToaster, The Living Tombstone and Rina Chan’s Lost on the Moon, done in his wonderfully unique Ska-Punk style!


WoodenToaster – Rainbow Factory (Aurelleah Remix) | Orchestral Dubstep

It’s been a while since I last saw a Rainbow Factory remix, but bringing their own rendition of it (admittedly a couple of years late to the party) is Aurelleah. Combining his renowned orchestral composition with dubstep beats and growls, this remix is both hard hitting and melodically sound!


FritzyBeat & Port Blue – Seagulls (Spectra Remix) | Synthpop

Happy birthday Fritzy! Spectra presents this gift of a remix for us to enjoy to celebrate the occasion. The track lays down a strong beat and some beautiful synthwork to accompany Fritzy’s stellar vocals. Truly awesome work all around 🙂


Elias Frost – Welcome to the Show | Hard Rock / Metal

Elias Frost seems to be a fairly new face to the fandom, but has a bit of experience in making music. Check out his cover of the full version of Welcome to the Show, including a little acoustic epilogue!


Esttel – Maybe Next Winter | Chillout

Esttel’s song releases are unfortunately few and far between nowadays, but here he has a track that acts as a sort of follow-up to Aviators’ song One Hearth’s Warming Eve. Check it out for a bittersweet story about Pinkie.


Direct Current – Moonlight | Chillout

Direct Current’s music gets all of my yes. They’re making a great name for themself in the ambient and chillout scene of the wide spectrum of brony music, and I look forward to the release of this EP that’s being teased song by song!


Horse Music Hotspot – March 2016

Our March episode of the Horse Music Hotspot aired on Ponyville FM last night. If you missed it but want to check out some of the best songs from the last month, we’ve got it up on YouTube for you!