Our spoiler policy


Hey everyone! Since season 6 is just around the corner, we thought we’d make clear our intentions regarding songs that contain spoilers. We’re sure that with the new episodes will come plenty of songs inspired by them, but we don’t to drive away anyone who wishes to avoid them. So we have a plan, catch it after the break…

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Ponycide – Sunrise | Orchestral

Good morning! Looks like we’re starting off the day right with some top-shelf¬†orchestral work from Ponycide. At the heart of the track is a surprisingly bold and dramatic rhythm that creates a very unique atmosphere when further accentuated by instrumentation that is… I’d go so far as to say¬†aggressive in its delivery. The¬†larger part of the composition is bright and uplifting, yet the sharpness of the drum hits and the punctuating stabs of flute invoke feelings of urgency- not just the¬†grand display¬†of power I typically hear- but perhaps the rising¬†awareness of imminent conflict and the resulting anxiety crashing against the shores of a mind steeling itself in preparation to shoulder the challenges brought forth by a new¬†day. Truly a lovely piece.


fractilx – Wake The Dawn | Trance

In honor of BUCKcon and lovely Britannia featured in the cover art, Fractilx composed Wake The Dawn, a track as beautiful as its title. The introductory beats from the first part are soon giving way to a heavenly melodic and soothing part where the piano does wonders. Then expect some more uplifting mood along the progression, as if we could hear cheers of joy and excitement toward the convention!


NeoN & XAVI – Penumbra (Quadrivia Remix) | Dubstep

NeoN and XAVI’s remix contest brought around some pretty cool tracks, but this banging dubstep remix from Quadrivia takes the cake for me. Heavy and powerful, with aggressive drum fills and even a haunting string segments in the middle, this is one of the best remixes I’ve heard in a while. Quadrivia is fast becoming one of my favourite producers in the fandom.