Budzy – Summer Smiles EP | Electronic

A long time coming, after over a year of hanging around the brony music scene and making songs, Budzy’s finally released his debut EP, Summer Smiles. In this EP you can be sure to find plenty of custom sounds that he’s been building over the past several months, self-taught n everything. Continue reading for the full writeup.

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Viricide Filly – Stuck in the Sky | House

A fun little house track from Viricide Filly, which features, for the first time, their own “proper vocals”. Apparently it’s part of an upcoming album too, so that’s something else to look forward too!


Crusader! – Soaring | Alt Rock

It’s been a long time coming, but Crusader! has finally reached 1,000 subscribers on YouTube, and what a well-deserved milestone it is too! Have a classic Crusader-sounding song, some pop-punk / alt rock with a hint of harmonica.


StallionSlaughter – Giggle at the Ghostly (covering Daniel Ingram) | Metal

Light and upbeat song? Check. Low tuned guitar? Check. Heavy a f breakdown? Of course! This cover of Giggle at the Ghostly may be pretty short (then again, the original is only like a minute long) but brilliantly produces as per usual with Stallionslaughter’s songs, and this one also features his family on backing vocals! The more the merrier, eh?


fractilx – GUYS’ NIGHT RPG | Jazz Fusion

An interesting piece here, it’s been a while since I last heard jazz fused with electronic, but fractilx seems to have made it work nicely. Check this out for funky electronic beats and smooooooooth sax!


Acouste Wholenote – Letting Go | Alt Rock

Acouste Wholenote remains one of my favourite singer/songwriters currently active in the fandom. He has a real knack for writing lyrics and his music has a nice little 90s / 00s alt rock influence that always sits well in my books. Anyway, this song focuses on Spike’s ongoing obsession with fashion hors, and adds another song into Acouste’s repertoire (did someone say album? o.o)


Secret Metal – Faster Than A Lightning | Metal

In case you were in need of something to completely blow you away, Secret Metal has a new speed metal(? halp I don’t know metal subgenres) song! Even though I’m not heavily invested into the metal scene, I know an amazingly produced song when I hear one. Huge props to Secret Metal for this one!


Daniel Ingram – A Changeling Can Change (Enermatrix Remix) | House

Progressive, Tropical, I’m not entirely sure what flavour of house this is but those flute sounds are beautiful! ♥ Here’s Enermatrix’s take on A Changeling Can Change, another fairly short but sweet piece from the upcoming British producer.

A State of Sugar…coming soon!

Now this is something we’re excited to see! A State of Sugar is a new and upcoming label for brony trance music (among other chill, melody-driven genres) which will be launching this September. Organised by Violin Melody and Obscure Dragone, they’re looking for producers to contribute to the label. Currently you can send in either songs that have yet to be released or something you’ve already published, so if you’re a trance producer, why not get in touch?

Click here to go to their submissions page. While you’re at it, you can follow ASoS on Twitter, subscribe to their YouTube channel, and join their Discord chat server.