Jyc Row – Land of Equestria | Orchestral

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 1 October 2016.

It always surprises me how Jyc Row is able to so quickly and consistently put out such cool orchestral music, but it’s definitely not a bad thing! Here he’s released a piece that absolutely feels like it takes in the majesty and breadth of the ‘Land of Equestria’, with all his trademark signature sounds to it, as well as a very pretty-sounding arpeggiated bell sound throughout the middle of the track. Definitely check it out if you like powerful orchestral stuff!


Jastrian & FritzyBeat – Ghostie | Electro-Pop

You know it when incredible talents blend to create the perfect fusion, an alchemy resulting in something unique and stunning that is nothing short of magical. Known for an unique sensitivity to sounds and making emotional masterpieces, Jastrian teamed up with sparkling vocalist FritzyBeat who we don’t need to present anymore, to turn into reality a powerful story involving Pinkie and her character depth, and the concept of solitude that is by no way meant to be a bad thing. The result shines with beauty, force, and the power of positivity, along emotion-inducing synths, resonating piano notes, and masterful vocals.


Ataraxia – Lightroom (feat. Str-igi-dae) | Electronic

Another utterly beautiful release, this new track from Ataraxia full of unique ideas is sublimated by Strigidae’s blissful vocals (for more from that singer in that vocal style, you could check out the recent cover of Out On My Own under the tomatotuesdays alias). Some wonderful Nature sounds are also featured along the tender and pure instrumental, and it is most certainly a much welcomed experience.


Pen – Suspended In Flight (feat. Cadie) | Orchestral House

It’s time for another fluffy moment in the soft embrace of Cadie‘s wonderful vocals, thanks to this new track from Pen that is definitely of much beauty. With deep lyrics from Wolfe, the song makes us soar for a new musical journey, and leads us through the dreamy melodies and orchestral accompaniments to often get us awestruck, suspended in flight.


Vylet Pony – Mistress (feat. Chi-Chi & Xavi) | Future Bass

It’s time for a new collaboration of many wonders, and this one amazes as much as you could expect by looking at the artists involved. Renowed for musical talent and unique concepts, Vylet Pony teamed up with moe producer and shooting star Xavi as well as with community favorite Chi-Chi to create a shining masterpiece. With deep concept and unusual structure, this unique song off the Love Letters album is perennially impressing with gorgeous female and male vocals, powerful story, and amazingly composed and produced instrumental.