Gryphon – Monument (Totalspark’s Night Edit) | Chillout

The Night holds a special power and depth for those with the proper sensitivity, and it certainly adds to Night tracks an additional level of emotion and appreciation. This Night Edit from Totalspark, as opposed to his Day Edit, embraces the softness of the Night to bring an equally blissful musical experience, and guides us with gentle piano and strings to a deep solace.


Luna – Spring Parasol | House

More known for her Trance-y Night tracks, this time is a bit different as pony musician Luna takes us for a musical journey under the sun, where your headphones is the only thing you need aside from a Spring Parasol to appreciate the happy mood of this lively House tune as well as its bautiful melodies that cuts through the soul just like the sun cuts through the trees’ branches in a forest to create a magnificent scenery of a thousand wonders.


Horse Music Hotspot – September 2016

HMHotstpot main art

If you missed it live last night, the latest episode of the Horse Music Hotspot is up on YouTube, SoundCloud, and our podcast feed.

September saw a great mix of different genres, and a couple of album releases from individual artists. Here’s our selection of the best of the month.

To listen in live, tune in to Ponyville FM at 10PM Eastern on the last Sunday of each month!

Tracklist and embeds available after the break:

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Pony Music – Perception (NeverLastStanding Remix) | Future Bass

Off the Lessons of Equestria EP, Perception is a track that moved a lot of us thanks to Pony Music’s incredible magic, and it inspired NeverLastStanding aka AphixSky to make a unique Future Bass remix full of love, depth and beauty. Expanding the boundaries of the original with enthralling bass, powerful synth melodies and divine piano, it also pays much tribute to the amazing vocal chops from the original, and makes for a brand new magical experience.


Reverbrony – Energized (feat. Vinyl Darkscratch) | Groove Metal

A song with a title that perfectly reflects its musical mood, Reverbrony’s newest release is a collaboration with underground pony musician Vinyl Darkscratch (who also founded Nightwave Studios which is behind the dark comic Adapting To Night) and is definitely a much welcomed piece. Despite the collab not lasting for the entirety of the track, Energized represents a fusion of intriguing darkness with high-energy speed and force, reflecting the contributions of the two musicians, and enthralls until the end along powerful riffs and solos, Reverbrony style!