[P@D] ThatMusicBrony – Among the Stars (Sky Runner Remix) | Drum & Bass

NB: This was originally posted on Equicity on 26 January 2017.

With her first releases dating back to November 2016, Sky Runner is a fairly new face to pony music. Nevertheless, her tracks made a significant impact in the drum & bass scene.

This remix retains many elements of the original song, including ThatMusicBrony’s signature vocals. However, the tempo change brings with it a shift in atmosphere, and the many melodies shine anew in a bright euphoric light, coupled with fast paced breakbeats. The result is an upbeat tune that wouldn’t seem out of place at any drum & bass party.


Ponysphere – Blackened Heart | Trash Metal

A delightful treat for all the metal ponies out there, Ponysphere delivers in full force a Trash Metal track centered around the darkness of a Shadowbolt’s heart. It is adding much depth to both the obscure gang from S1 and Scootaloo as an alternative storyline unfolds along mighty vocals and a masterful instrumental, in the purest metal spirit. Keep rocking my brethren! |¯|


[P@D] bank pain – Empire Past (Hay Tea Remix) / Del Rom – Ignition (Hydra Remix) | Drum & Bass

Double post of remixes combining neurofunk and liquid woooo! There have been so many Empire Past remixes recently…and with good reason, the original is a tuuuuuune. This one from Hay Tea goes a lot more into neurofunk territory that his signature liquid style, sampling the original’s basses and slicing up drum beats on top of it. The addition of a half-time section later on with those reeses works a treat in my opinion

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[P@D] Thrasher – Orbit (Brilliant Venture Remix) | Metalstep

Thrasher’s song Orbit from the last P@D album was already one of my favourites, Vylet’s vocal edit was great too. And we’re keeping that train of production rolling with Brilliant Venture’s Remix, which combines the awesome guitar riffs of the original with Brill’s (somewhat) newfound sound design skills. Two different paces too – full time breakbeat for the first drop and half time dubstep in the second – always a decent little switchup for any ~140bpm song.








A Symphony Of Two – Through The Woods | Orchestral

Those familiar with J-RPGs and their OST will certainly appreciate how this new release from A Symphony Of Two perfectly acts as a field BGM for a forest area. Especially the dark kind of forests… which you could easily get lost in. Exploring the forest while searching for treasure chests or gathering spots, we are accompanied by a dark yet comfy atmosphere, and wind instruments recreating that musical feel that so often gets assimilated to wooden areas. Another perfect piece of many wonders and much nostalgia by A Symphony Of Two!


[P@D] Spectra – Nebula (NeverLastStanding Remix) | Drum & Bass

Amity’s streak of emotional and heartfelt remixes is definitely an event to be remembered in pony music history, and this remix of Spectra’s Nebula by NeverLastStanding is one of my favorite examples. With an intro of untold purity that seems to bring out emotions with an outstanding ease, the deep nostalgia-infused remix then makes a lovely use of meaningful pony vocal chops, and brings out happy vibes evoking many aspects of being part of this wonderful community, with amazing melodies that reflect the remix’s underlying personal meaning so well. The surprising outro is also a delight, and doesn’t fail to bring even more emotion to the track right when we wouldn’t expect it. A masterpiece of a remix, and a shining token of the power of music, of Friendship, and of Passion.


ertrii – Adventure | Trance

Ertrii’s insane talent, or should I say magic for creating masterpieces of sound continues to amaze, and this new release is quite special as it is Ertrii’s take on a much special genre, Trance. Having myself been introduced to the emotion that Trance tracks have, I couldn’t be happier as this new Adventure delights and moves the soul in pure Trance fashion along emotion-inducing synths and breaks of divine beauty. This whole track is a perfect alchemy, with a result that is beyond words.


L.M. – Eve (LutariFan Remix feat. Flittzy) | Electro Pop

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 23 January 2017.

LutariFan has been a pretty quiet presence in recent times, but he’s still very much around and continuing to improve as a producer as shown here in spades! He’s taken L.M.’s beautiful track Eve and melded it into his own interesting style, as well as added some lyrics to the previously instrumental original. Flittzy’s singing helps to complement the instrumental, and overall this is just a really pretty track.


Ataraxia & Intersekt – Viridescent ft. Ink Sparks | Electronic

This new song from Ataraxia sees him collaborate with Intersekt and Ink Sparks to produce this wonderfully cinematic piece combining many electronica influences with orchestral elements. And what a voice Ink Sparks brings to this piece too, this is the first song I’ve heard that features her, and hopefully far from the last!

This track is part of an upcoming album from Ataraxia, entitled eternal perfect motion. Still in the works, it’s due to be released next month, and is available to pre-order on Bandcamp (with a tracklist that’s subject to change).


[P@D] Kadenza & Zero – Chaos / LutariFan – Advent (EnsionD Remix) [vs. Flittzy – Someday] | House

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 19 January 2017.

If you want some happy sounding music, these are definitely worth checking out! First up is a new track from Kadenza in their classic melodic house style, this time teaming up with fellow musician Zero. With catchy melodies and some strong mixing this sounds both professional and highly enjoyable.

The second track is pretty interesting in that it’s a remix of multiple pieces, with EnsionD supplementing an instrumental remix of LutariFan’s Advent by including the vocals of Flittzy’s track Someday. It’s definitely not something I’d have thought of, but it works surprisingly well!