Indie Notes – Under Equestria’s Skies | Album | Acoustic

As I said the other week, Indie Notes may have been away from the music scene for a while, but that was only in preparation for this – his debut fandom album, entitled Under Equestria’s Skies. The album overall is very chill and mellow, with the main composition made up of an acoustic guitar and Indie’s Voice, although it does feature a couple of other instruments every now and again for additional melodies. But that doesn’t hinder the songs at all, in fact, stripping back a performance to this level is often a great way to put the songwriting back into the spotlight instead of technical skill*.

The themes covered vary too, from the happy-go-lucky vibe of Change of Place, to Spike’s longing for self-discovery in Waiting, to the bleak lyricism in Survive. If you like acoustic music in any shape or form, you’re going to love this little collection of six songs from one of my favourite up-and-coming acoustic artists in the fandom.

Under Equestria’s Skies is available to purchase on Bandcamp for $6 or alternatively, if you’re attending Ponycon in New Jersey this weekend, you’ll be able to get your hands on a physical copy!

*Oh, and don’t get me wrong, that aspect is still important, but perhaps sometimes overshadows other parts of creating music. I appreciate the different angle this album brings.


LutariFan – Aerobreak (Faulty Remix) | Progressive House

Graced by chirping birds and the spirits of the winds of Cloudsdale, Faulty makes their debut into the pony music scene with a lovely remix of Aerobreak from LutariFan, who is one of their biggest inspirations to start releasing music. Start your trip inside Cloudsdale now, flying among the uplifting melodies and gorgeous synths!


Nicolas Dominique – The Last Shelter | Chillout

A much welcomed album release, The Last Shelter features rare tracks from the harbinger of Positive Electronic music we know as Nicolas Dominique, and this title track embodies the vision from Nemo2D’s ePONYmous artwork in a powerful musical way. With a deep, sci-fi tone portraying the magical world depicted, and positive waves flowing beautifully over the course of the track, The Last Shelter seems to tell a story and the outcome is both epic and comforting.


[P@D] Totalspark & Sonitus – Embrace | Chillout / Synthwave

I’ve noticed a trend in Totalspark’s recent tracks to play around with interesting chord patterns, and the progression in this does something that I always love in music. Sparky explains it himself in the video description, but it essentially resolves to a major chord at times when it’s in a minor scale. And I haven’t even got started on the arps, the lead, and the vocoded vocals, there’s just so many great layers of sound in this track that all mesh together brilliantly!


[P@D] Kadenza – Zen (#RoomVR Remix) | Liquid Drum & Bass

NB: This was originally posted on Equicity on 18 January 2017.

It ought to be noted that remixing a Kadenza track, some of which have previously been released on big non-pony labels such as NCS or Ninety9Lives, is no mean feat. And yet, those who are familiar with #RoomVR’s work—and I forgive those who aren’t, as his music was, up to this point, exclusively available on Soundcloud—will find their expectations to be wholly met by this track. This tune heavily relies on atmospheric chords and pluck melodies to carry itself, with a smooth sub and breakbeat that drives the song forward as a feeling of floating serenity settles in. As such, it certainly stays true to its title.

Grab a free download or donate to the Ponies at Dawn project on their bandcamp page!


Progressive Element – Stars And Sky (UndreamedPanic Remix) | Progressive House

Celebrate the might and many wonders of the Night as Progressive Element’s track Stars And Sky from Voyager gets sublimated by an amazing remix by UndreamedPanic, praising the original vocals with a whole new take and musical accompaniment. Rejoice as it enthralls the soul and takes you to a realm full of emotions and new possibilities… under the Stars And Sky.