StrachAttack – Black Magic VIP ft. NekoWolf (Silver Fenix Remix) | Trap

We’re a little late with this one, but it’s still great to see some new faces in the music scene. Having been a brony for several years and now with a couple of years practice in production under his belt, Silver Fenix is beginning to release his own pony music, starting with this remix of Strach’s Black Magic VIP. I’m sure it would have found its way onto Strach’s remix EP from a while back had it been released sooner, but there’ll be plenty more opportunities for us to see Silver Fenix’s work featured in the future. Go subscribe to him if you like this sort of thing, he’s already released a fair few other tracks!


Horse Music Hotspot – March 2017

HMHotstpot main art

Another great mix of both electonic, rock, and a great deal of acoustic stuff this month. Although we weren’t able to get the show out live due to technical difficulties, we hope you enjoy this upload after the fact.

To listen in live, tune in to Ponyville FM at 5PM Eastern on the last Sunday of each month!

Tracklist and embeds available after the break

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Stallionslaughter – Vengeance of Tirek (Redux) | Metal

Tirek is out for vengence in this remake of Stallionslaughter’s first release. With some heavily distorted guitar riffs and low growls, we get some surprisingly clean delivery, with some well written, and executed lyrics. This dumbass knows not to cup the mic! I also appreciate the added effort into the lyric video, with some entertaining lip-syncing, and his son dancing in the background XD! A simply idea, but still makes for a better experience vs still images. Give it a listen 🙂


Celestial Throne ft. Elias Frost – A Tale Of The Frustrated Housemare | Folk Metal

It looks like Cadence has a drinking problem XD! Well at least that’s the theme to this song. Celestial Throne gives us a humorous metal song about a frustrated house mare. I guess the life of a Princess, mother, and wife can be rather stressful! Featuring some familiar names in the brony metal scene with vocals by Elias Frost and mixing by Ponysphere.  With a chugging guitar rhythm and some catchy lyrics that follow the beat, it has a bit of a pub vibe to it similar to Alestorm for those familiar with them. Not bad for his first venture into lyric writing, and I hope to see more from him in the future!


Vibrant Sound – Perpetual Nightmare | Orchestral

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 21 March 2017.

Vibrant Sound has been around for a while, but this is certainly the best I’ve heard from them. A dark orchestral soundscape steadily builds throughout the piece, with some steady percussion and frantic arpeggiation in the background giving great impetus to the sharp strings that play throughout. This piece definitely fits the feel of Nightmare Moon swooping in to terrorise, so if you want some of that make sure to give it a listen!


A Symphony Of Two – Introspections | Orchestral

A Symphony Of Two’s new piece resolves around Starlight’s reflection on who she might really be and who she is meant to be, tortured by her sinful past and at the same time encouraged by her friends to be the great and valiant leader and world-guardian she proved to be in the S6 finale. As Trixie told her, she is “really good at it”! Fitting really nicely as an epic and emotional BGM that would play during a cutscene in a RPG where Starlight’s character depth would be emphasized on, the track shows an amazing progression clearly reflecting that depth, and portrays once again the duo’s talent at composing masterful OST-like pieces of much profoundness. The piano is especially doing an amazing job at creating emotion, reminiscing of the musical style of OST composers such as Yoko Shimomura.


Metapony – Moonlight | Progressive House

There’s something truly special about Metapony’s Progressive House, and perhaps it is the wonderful Night feel that a lot of the tracks have, reminding of Night Trance and making for a lot of emotion. This new piece fittingly centered around Luna’s Moonlight certainly has that powerful vibe going and provides a blissful experience with a wonderful progression of warm synths, reflecting so well the comfort of the Night.


Kawaii Dash – Vape Hors | Future Trap

Xavi’s latest masterpiece is here everypony, and this one is especially crazy. In all the good ways. What originally was a Future Bass experiment turned into a much Vapor-inspired Future Trap banger of many wonders, where blissful whomps, divine vocal chops, sick sound design, and far-out distortions are all creating an incredible experience to replay and replay again. The second vapor-ey part is really hitting hard and is very powerful along that amazing soundscape Xavi-chi is known for. The heavier vocal chops parts featuring Giggly Maria‘s vocals are also very intense and I can’t get over how incredible that bass synth is. As for the Vapor cover art from RacoonKun, it is completing the experience very nicely (I recommend his artworks by the way, tons of sexy great stuff).


Frozen Night – Evergreen Sanctuary | Epic Ethnic Orchestral

Frozen Night sure has been pulling off quite the impressive streak of amazing tunes that are both masterfully composed and emotional, and this new movement from the upcoming EP is doing a magnificent job at going even further. Bringing a very creative ethnic vibe in continuation to the first movement, it plays out the concept from the cover art and the title in beautiful and epic ways over a mighty progression where Orchestral and World Music instruments gather for a massive experience of blissful sound.