DoTheDaringDew – Faster Than You Know (Covering BlackGryph0n & Baasik) | Pop Rock

Meaningful cover incoming! As a heartfelt tribute to BlackGryph0n and Baasik’s Faster Than You Know, DoTheDaringDew performed a magnificent cover full of gratitude and love, and it is certainly a wonderful experience that to get such feelings expressed through musical form. The power of music is beyond words indeed… but do take a look at the description still! And show your support to the musician for sharing this amazing cover with us! BlackGryph0n’s songs sure can be life-changing… and I’ll forever be grateful too, because of how his songs introduced me to MLP and this fandom family that is the Brony community! Yes it feels so good insiiiiide!


Worst Princess – Now We Are Seven | Punk Rock

I’m always so excited when I discover a new pony rock band, as a big rock fan who went to many gigs! With a charismatic and very “Rock” name, Worst Princess gathers musicians from all around the community and make the epic happen. Their newest release, Now We Are Seven, is a wonderfully meaningful one with its lyrics. And the title could also reflect Starlight’s rising popularity! Partake in tasteful and blissful Punk Rock, as all the happy pony vibes from the music flow through you…


Filly in the Box – Lost in Canterlot | Dubstep

A new solo release from Filly in the Box, this dark Dubstep track provides yet another fine example of the musician’s unique style and his proficiency at creating haunting atmospheres while delivering heavy wubs and amazing pony vocal chops. The song could be seen as a reflection of the darkness and depth of Canterlot’s streets at night, and as an anthem for those who partake in such nighttime beauty!


Frozen Night – The Magic of Nature | Epic Ethnic Orchestral

And here we go, ending the journey of the journey that feels to grand to end. There is something just too magical perhaps about this. The way it’s done makes it so that you’re just so enveloped into & invested into each single journey & almost taken along. A very solemn & calm intro to then build up slowly, to take it to the end. The strings shine in here a lot in the intro & they do bring together everything. It just keeps building & getting better & giving a non-ending round of chills. There’s just so many parts to this, the little parts that all come together to create a cohesive journey & a well enjoyable second is lived through. The leading instruments coming in, while the bells & the chimes which transition well with the snare proving the rhythm that blends in with everything else. The strings then just shine so much, or is that brass? Nonetheless it’s beyond fantastic. 2:13, the strings, the harp plucks, just the contrast of energy & slow bits are done with purpose & are done so well that they carry the song forward, that they make the journey a journey that has it’s ups & downs & is seen all the way through, because it has to be. 3:07 The energy right here, I can’t evennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. 3:25, the energy is just building up so much here & it’s done so well. The rhythm is gorgeous & just the way the instruments play their parts & shine when they do. I could say more, but let’s just say that this is HANDS down my favorite from the EP. It has so much movement to it & there is just so much to love about this. The way it’s done, the dynamics, the feeling you get when you listen to this! Through the whole EP, I’d definitely say I’d hear this live first. Your music is so well done & just makes me gush at the ability that this fandom has. Stellar job on this WHOLE EP & this song too. ❤

The album is available for download on Bandcamp.


Henni – Pure Heart | Hard Dance

Henni’s music gives off such mellow and loving vibes, and it is no wonder since it reflects the musician’s feelings about creating music to “make everyone happy”! With such a wonderful and lovely intent behind the song, the emotions felt while listening to the music can be increased significantly. Pure Heart definitely has a very fitting name, and the musical mood, flow, synths and melodies of the track certainly are a bliss. Henni is such a lovely pony musician, be sure to sub and show your support everypony!