4EverfreeBrony – Share With Me | Pop

Honing his vocal skills into shining diamonds, 4EverfreeBrony never stopped reaching out to his true potential, and this new release is quite the gem. Perhaps fitting to a certain scene in the recent S07E06 Forever Filly, this sweet love song toward Rarity has got very Rarity-sounding melodies and synths accompanied by soft guitar and drums, and quite impressive vocals. Rarity is such a wonderful and lovely pony, and she definitely deserves this!


SDreamExplorerS – Ghosts | Melodic Death Metal

I just love the theme and the lyrics of this song so much! Another pre-release from the upcoming album Erasing the Enigma, Ghosts tells the relatable tale of introspecting and moving on from your past while being treated as an outcast. Marvelously connecting to Trixie’s character depth and laying out a powerful story through the beautiful lyrics and powerful Metal vocals, the track delivers much emotion as instrumental, vocals and feelings are all connecting to create an amazing and emotional tribute to Trixie infused with deep meanings.


5uperNova – Melody of Summertime | Tropical House

Summer is almost here, ponies! And to celebrate, here’s a fresh and tasty Tropical House track from 5uperNova, full of happy and sunny vibes. It makes you want to be on the yellow-sand beach of some tropical island, with a harem of ponies playing around you… Did I say harem? Oh, my apologies. Being among ponies sure would be a wonderful feeling, at any rate! Also do check out 5uperNova’s try at Experimental Ambient that was released at the same time, it came out pretty good and is very promising!


UndreamedPanic – That’s A Flutterbat | Bass House

UndreamedPanic is back in full force, with a tasty Bass House track full of batty wonders! Epicly adding fire to the Flutterbat scene, it brings a solid progression, sick drops, and amazing Flutterchops!! Those at 1:50 are actually, as stated by the musician, Fluttershy saying “Honey” with vocal pitching to the melody, and it’s so very unique and expertly done! Definitely a powerful release!


Flyghtning – The Adventurous Pony (Orchestrance Version) | Trance

Ready for some proper oldschool trance? Flyghtning delivers, just as always! His new track brings us some amazing vibes, with juicy, powerful kicks and a bouncy sidechained bassline, this track feels like a beautiful flashback from the past. Think that isn’t enough? How about a dubsteppish breakdown? This track has it all. Make it loud and enjoy the sounds!


Totalspark – Solaris Imperium | Drumstep

Totalspark’s new release delivers a stunning progression and powerful melodic parts that just feel divine to me. Epic, uplifting, and deeply emotional if you give it the proper ear, Solaris Imperium is a masterpiece of emotion and a Drumstep like none other, tinted with Totalspark’s unique vision and talent. Let us partake in this emotion together and hail Sunset’s musical arrival, shimmering with beauty!


[P@D] Replacer – Handbag (Progressive Element Remix) | Drum & Bass

The upload series on the brand new Ponies At Dawn Youtube channel, with which the team sought to finally bring the last remaining tracks from the Amity album to the pony fandom’s favourite music platform, has now been concluded—and the beast that is Progressive Element’s remix of Handbag has been released.

With infusions from all across the DnB subgenre pallet, this track features everything from glitchy half-time percussion and fat reeses to fleeting piano melodies and tonal snares. Prog enhances the eerie atmosphere of the original with well-chosen reverbs and vocal effects and tops it off with ghostly pitch-bending leads.

As with all other tracks released through Ponies At Dawn, this remix is available for free download on their Bandcamp page.