ertrii – What Else Can You Say | Deep House

What Else Can You Say is Ertrii’s magnificent take at Deep House, a genre which I affectionate a lot for it distinct emotion and Night feeling, and for that it is quite similar to Trance (Deep House could even be considered the House version of Trance). Ertrii is embracing the Night mood and theme with this release, with such a splendid artwork fitting so well to the emotion that can be felt from listening to this musical bliss and gazing at the Night sky. Ertrii’s music always tends to be amazing and emotional, but this one’s got an extra layer of emotion, and I couldn’t be happier about it! Partake in soothing Night vibes and let yourself go…


Suskii & Glitchling – Happy Bug Noises (Light Assassin Remix) | Complextro

Light Assassin delivers a sick remix of Happy Bug Noises from Suskii and Glitchling, and it sounds like something that would play at some rave in the changeling kingdom! Imagining lots of changelings (“old” changelings or “new” changelings) dancing to this in some rad setting, is awesome! Bring the wubs and beats!


[P@D] Hydra – Generator / Hay Tea, Sky Runner & FluffyKitty – Deadline | Drum & Bass

Hydra resurfaces with some lovely Drum & Bass for us all! Great breaks, great drums, and a great ambiance are only a few of the features that make this stand out. More than a few of Hydra’s signature sounds are here, and they’re all delicious to hear again. But what really strikes me is that this song has a guitar bassline (!!!), which is something I’ve never found in any other DnB song. And honestly, it’s just a genuine pleasure to listen to!

Hay Tea, Sky Runner & FluffyKitty all worked together to bring us this darkly ambient track. Gritty breaks take center stage to set the mood. Fast, grim, and channeling the same Lightning Dust spirit as the last tracks of Rainbow & Rooted, Deadline is an insight into the darker side of pegasus racing.


[P@D] Thrasher – The Overthrow | Metalcore

Thrasher is gracing us with a P@D submission once again, and his skill at Metalcore shines bright in this Guardians track, with sick guitar riffs being complemented by enthralling synth melodies, in a hard-hitting progression that delivers musical bliss like a firework. The background ambient synths are adding even more sublte emotion to the mix, and it is all resulting in quite a masterpiece!


UnderpΩny & FritzyBeat – Buttercup | Pop

FritzyBeat returns with this “hugging” song inspired partly by UnderpΩny’s “My Arms Around Her” (about Applejack) that talks about the relationship between Buttercup and Bright Mac. Fritzy received mixing help from PrinceWhateverer that turned out to help this great song!

The vocals are soo good! Fritzy even made falsettos that gave me chills down my spine! You should really check out this song! Just watch the 10th episode of the 7th Season first… Damn, such a good episode…


CrystalData – Beyond the Lunar Eclipse [Version 2] | Ambient

A delightful Night Ambient from the charity album Seeds of Kindness 5 ~ Building Bridges, Beyond the Lunar Eclipse gets a wonderful second version, brimming with the soothing light of the moon evoked by the tender melodies and the warm atmosphere. Definitely a strong Night feeling from this! Reminds me of when I witnessed a partial lunar eclipse while on a Night stroll… I was thinking of Luna, too, and the moment was very powerful and emotional, with music of this kind in my ears!


[P@D] Aurelleah – Aetherwake / Metapony – Sounds | House

This song sets out to convey something quite simple: pure optimism and joy. At this, it’s a huge success. The bouncing, upbeat track is just overflowing with both of those! Aurelleah’s first exploration into true EDM is sure to get your hooves jumping, your manes flying, and your bodies into the air. Truly, this song feels like a vision into Pinkie’s own mind, as she goes to and fro cheering up her friends.

Metapony delivers to us all a calm, happy, and stunningly melodic piece. Leading off with a slightly static-y feel reminiscent of old vinyl tracks, the song progresses The chords and reverb are truly fantastic. Every arp and lead is an exercise in pure joy. If Aurelleah’s song is built to hype you up, Metapony’s is built to let you relax with a warm smile upon your face.