[P@D] L.M. – New Start / GROskAr – Last Stand | Dubstep

One of the most amazing songs that Ice Bear’s heard from the latest Ponies at Dawn album, L.M. has a whole lot of surprises for you in this song. Exquisite vocal chops, rockin’ growls, amazing chord work, and even the sound design is impressive! L.M. is most definitely one that will woo the listeners with something that is this awesome. Really, who can compete with something like this? ❤

Another great dubstep track from the recent Ponies at Dawn album, GROskAr has drummed up some great growls throughout the entire track! Also with added dramatic sounding orchestral parts to make it sound more convincing, especially as an epic theme song for the princesses of Equestria. Ice Bear can actually see it happening. All in all, Last Stand proves to be one of the epic sounding tracks in the album.

These two are amazing, and Ice Bear suggests that you check them out!


Direct Current – Star Chaser: Terrestrial | Album | Ambient / Chillout

Direct Current’s second full length album is packed with emotion. A prequel to their earlier album Star Chaser, this one is themed around a pegasus living on the rock farm, falling in love with Limestone Pie, and eventually venturing to explore the stars.

The vocals are lovely, the effects on them perfect. Fans of ElectroKaplosion will definitely feel nostalgic. The deep, atmospheric sound design and lovely synth creation.

All throughout, I’m struck by the sense of wonder the songs provide. They manage to be inspirational, down-to-earth, and foreboding by turns. Truly a stunning piece of music.

You can purchase this album on Direct Current’s Bandcamp for $5 or stream the entire album on YouTube.


Segments Of Life – Across The Atlantic | Trancecore

It’s always a feast when Segments Of Life releases a new album, as you get showered by lots of amazing-sounding tunes melting genres and taking the roads less traveled! Across The Atlantic is a fine example of a hard-hitting, gritty yet melodic and mellow musical experience across sick guitar riffs and slick synths through a breathtaking progression. Grab the entirety of the album here!


[P@D] John Kenza – Nightmare | Trance

John Kenza (formerly known as Kadenza) has unleashed a really awesome sounding nightmare upon us! A long 7 minute epic trance song that’s sure to keep you raving on through the night! Good design, chord work, literally everything! Especially the piano, sounding pretty heavenly as always in the hooves of John Kenza himself. It’s really amazing to hear some more trance on Ponies at Dawn, especially since it reminds Ice Bear of the good old trance back around a decade ago. Yes, it is truly reminiscent to Ice Bear at points throughout and Ice Bear likes each and every second of this track. All in all, it’s a good nightmare to think about when you’re sound asleep in the starry night time, or stay up and rave until the break of dawn!


New Reverian – Kaleidoscopes | Drum & Bass

New Reverian brings us all some smooth, relaxing DnB. Beginning with a very uplifting synth solo and adding in some delicious fast but relaxingly soft drums, the song gets off to a great start. Throughout, the bright, vibrant synths take us along with Rainbow Dash through the cloud-speckled sky. Each drum beat is like another flap of her wings; each synth the call of the horizon, beckoning her onward. We finish with a purely melodic, emotional coda, like Dashie returning home to her friends.


SDreamExplorerS & Velvet R. Wings – Selena | Melodic Death Metal

SDreamExplorerS’ sister collaborated once again with her brother for making an amazing song that is featured in the album Erasing The Enigma.

The mix between Velvet’s clean vocals and SDreamExplorerS’ screams is the most beautiful thing that you will ever hear in this album. As I said on the album review, this song reminds me of the great acts of the Swedish/Scandinavian Melodic Death Metal scene, such as In Flames, Children of Bodom, Amon Amarth, At the Gates and Arch Enemy. Even that is not related with Death Metal at all, Velvet’s vocals reminder me Nightwish and Epica songs, with that “classical” vibe that is very awesome and kvlt in the metal scene!

Listen to this track please! This is really amazing! Don’t forget to check out the whole album!


Horse Music Hotspot – June 2017

HMHotstpot main art

We *might* have the live show back up and running again…but in case you missed the last minute annoucement on Sunday, here’s the latest episode of the Horse Music Hotspot!

To listen in live, tune in to Ponyville FM at 5PM Eastern (subject to change?) on the last Sunday of each month!

Tracklist and embeds available after the break

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Ataraxia – Viridescent VIP (feat. Ink Sparks) | Electronic

Atraxia brings us a pretty interesting song. In this VIP version of this song, Atraxia delivers a great sound design that’ll have you chillin’ out while you stare right up at the skies with the wonderful help of the vocalist, Ink Sparks. With glitch vocals and impressive backing chorus pads, it’ll have you thinking about soaring through the skies. Great work from both the composer and the vocalist!


[P@D] Progressive Element – Lost Woods / Bank Pain – Breaking of Dawn | Drum & Bass

The two things I have been looking for, first and foremost in new music lately – before the mixdown, sound design and production – is an element of unpredictability, and that special vibe. You know that one vibe, where you can tell the artist just went absolutely ham and gave no hecks, darns, or tarnations? The kind of vibe where you can just tell they were following their own groove, instead of copy pasting. This track has both in droves. Honestly, I would’ve been happy with it even if the pre-drop was the drop. Those beefed up kicks and that metallic snare are candy to my ears, and then – T H E N he hits you with that fire drop. Hoo boy I need a minute.

Speaking of said vibe and being fresh out of hecks, bank pain also hit us with a bag of audio bricks. (In the good way, don’t worry man). I said it before and I’ll say it again, I love it when I listen to something and have to ask myself, “yo what genre even is this?”. This is that, it’s got reeses that’ll make granddaddy ‘106 shed a tear, a beautiful bridge/outro that’ll make human granddaddy shed a tear, and just that scary-but-pretty vibe that I always seem to float towards like a moth to a lamp. Celestia take the wheel, this stuff is golden. Don’t sleep on bank or Prog, guys.


Gryphon Rush – Born On The Rock Farm | Album | Rock

Russian band Gryphon Rush releases their debut album that is one great mix of well performed old-school hard rock!

The production quality on the album is very good, good enough for a hard rock album! Focusing on a dedication to the brony fandom, Gryphon Rush’s vocalist, Lynch transfers a great energy to the songs, the guitar riffs also done by Lynch are also well performed. Abadakus’s mixing and mastering, gives to the album that production quality that I’ve tell you before. The drums performance done by Wave is also very good, giving the good rhythm to the album. This also plus the mix with songs sung in English and songs sung in Russian make this album an international masterpiece, putting once again the Russian pony music scene to the top! As rock listener this album have various genres that fans of Iron Maiden, Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Queen, Led Zeppelin, The Yardbirds and Lynyrd Skynyrd will love it! The album is available on YouTube in full version or in separate tracks. Also you have the full thing for download on bandcamp!

You can download the album on Gryphon Rush’s Bandcamp page, or you can stream the album as a whole or track-by-track on their YouTube channel.