Jalmaan – Showdown VIP | Progressive House

In “Showdown VIP”, Jalmaan brings us a truly beautiful progressive house track. The bold synths, the uplifting melodies, the wonderfully atmospheric pads, and the evolving drums all compliment each other to form a stunning product. The production quality is off the charts, and the sounds are amazingly rich and full. Listening to this was one of the most relaxing things I’d done all day, along with playing Engineer. If you like electronic music, give it a listen. You won’t regret it!


NeverLastStanding – Last Known | Orchestral

What a pleasant surprise this is! I’ve been playing a lot of Dwarf Fortress and D&D lately, and this is perfect music for both. NeverLastStanding’s beautiful orchestral sound design is spot-on. It’s got an uplifting, adventurous spirit with just enough hints of danger to keep you guessing about what’s to come. This fantastic composition would be right at home in a travelling montage in a fantasy epic like LotR. Or, for that matter, a season finale of pony!


[P@D] Radiarc – Kyrie / 174UDSI – For The Kingdom | Orchestral

PRAISE THE SUN. It was only a matter of time before the god of orchestral music did a theme for Daybreaker, and it’s amazing that Radiarc managed to finish it in time for Guardians. I love the electronic elements that are added into this, like the resse bass that comes in towards the end.

174UDSI has also mixed electronic and orchestral in this piece, but coming from another angle. Instead, this one seems to be more based on a dubstep composition, but using orchestral instruments instead. Nonetheless, it still works brilliantly, with the electronic kick and snare giving some real punch to the mix.


PrinceWhateverer – Resilience (feat. Sable Symphony & MantaTsubasa) | Metalcore


That’s right fillies and gentlecolts, it’s Starlight vs Twilight!

Sweet Celestia, this is amazing! PrinceWhateverer brings us a rock song overloaded with the absolute highest level of hype. Themed around Starlight and Twilight’s climactic battle in the Season 5 finale, this is an instant classic. I truly cannot remember the last time a song got me this excited and hyped. The “pony” part of “pony music” is here in force as well. This is truly a 2012 song with 2017 production.

Why are you still reading this? The song is up there, it’s awesome, and it’s about best pony. Go go go!


Viricide Filly – Back From Reality | Album | Electronic

FINALLY! After 3 years of hard work and production, British musician Viricide Filly releases her 5th album. Bringing us a mix of incredible textures and melodies that are really inspiring and incredible, making the album worth more than just 1 listen! Really, listen to this album more than 5 times! Because this is really amazing!

Now, what I can say about this amazing masterpiece? First, Viricide’s robotic vocals in songs like “Stuck In The Sky” (available on video) are very well mix with the instrumental and the lyrics of the songs are also quite awesome! Second, I love a lot Viricide’s experiments at each track, the intro track is well performed, and also the experiments at “Vanishing Point” (available on Cider Party) are really incredible and gives an atmospheric look to the track. Third, this album actually tells a story about Viricide’s OC, Eleanor, making a great and inspiring concept album.

I recommend this album to everyone, without exceptions! Also, listen to this more than 5 times, please! Give Viricide the feedback that she deserves for her 3 years hard work!

You can download the album from Viricide’s Bandcamp or stream the whole thing on YouTube.


Kizuru – Keep On Running (covering BroniKoni) | J-Rock

I’M STILL TRYING TO GET OVER HOW ADORABLE THIS IS. Back in 2014, a Russian Brony band called BroniKoni released a song called Keep On Running. Kizuru here apparently thought it sounded similar to another J-Rock song they knew, and so made this cover in a similar style! And with Lenich on the production behind this track, it sounds so crisp and clean too. I don’t think I’m gonna get tired of this for a while.


BlueBrony – Ultraviolet | Progressive House

BlueBrony’s lovely progressive track alternates between soft and gritty, switching effortlessly to compliment the mood. All throughout, the song maintains a consistent theme, calling back to previous sounds and offering hints of what’s to come. The dual nature of the song mirrors Celestia and Daybreaker’s dynamic, with both sides getting their turn to shine.


Ponies At Dawn – Guardians | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

I wish I could sum up how awesome the songs on this album in a short concise review. Buuut not only are there too many songs to even scratch the surface of this album, but I think the album stream is still going on!

To be honest, there are even some names on here that I don’t recognise myself – and of course some names that everyone will recognise. That’s one of the best things about these albums: not only do you get some of everyone’s favourites, but you can find a chance to discover brand new musicians doing all kinds of different genres, with more than enough creativity to go around.

Guardians is available to download from the P@D Bandcamp for any given price.