TheH215 – A Thousand Nights Ahead | Acoustic Rock / Symphonic Rock

After a long hiatus, TheH215 comeback with a track that was been saved for 3 years! And yes! The wait was worthy! The acoustic guitar riffs mixed with the symphonic elements give to the track a great feeling! It was really awesome that TheH215 release new material! Welcome back!


Seventh Element – The 303 Has Been Doubled | Acid House

Ah, the TB-303! Such a lovely bass synthesizer. You kids might like Massive or Harmor or Sylenth, and while all those have their respective wonderful qualities, there’s something special about the 303. And Luna’s vocals fit just perfectly with the blips, beeps, and bloops. Truly a delightful song, especially for anyone feeling nostalgic for older synths.


The Midnight Musician – Hard As A Rock | Bass House / Progressive House

Another amazing tune from my Brazilian friend, The Midnight Musician! This bouncy and danceable house track about Maud Pie is what I really wanted after a long and hard day!

The synth work that Midnight used and the drops are very awesome and should be listened for a lot of times! I was seeing Midnight’s streams on youtube while he was producing some new tracks, and I must say: be prepared for more progressive house greatness!

Listen to this song, dance, get happy, listen again, dance again and get happy again. Repeat this procedure and you will be happy for infinite ages!


[P@D] Twiggy, Pandela & PVNK – We’ve Been Here a Long Time, Haven’t We?| Nu-Disco / Future House

From Ponies At Dawn latest album Guardians we have a wonderful collaboration work done by Twiggy (another Phoxi alias), Pandela and PVNK. The vocals, the samples and the white noise used in the final part, the bass line and the synth line, the drums. All was on the point. It reminds me of the latest songs that Calvin Harris did for his new album: Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1.

  You didn’t downloaded Guardians yet? Shame on you! Download it now or buy it if you want.


[LDB] Intersekt – When Is It Over (feat. Flittzy) | Future Bass

Coming from the most recent compiliation album: Lycan Dese Beats 3. Intersekt and Flittzy delivers an emotional and uplifting track about Twilight Sparkle pondering about the nature of immortality and friendship. Flittzy vocals, as always were on the point. The writing also was pretty creative and awesome! The drops are uplifting and amazing, I really loved it! Intersekt did an awesome job on this instrumental as do well Flittzy on the vocals.

Download or buy Lycan Dese Beats 3 in a bandcamp near you!


Quicksilver – Set Sail | Pop Punk / Emo-Pop

   Amazing song coming from one of the hottest voices of the New Wave of Brony Punk – Quicksilver! The song about the episode P.P.O.V. (Pony Point of View) has awesome guitar riffs, good drum beats and the vocals are very similar to some modern pop punk / emo-pop acts. It’s a song full of energy and some guitars riffs are really atmospheric. Be sure to listen to this!