[P@D] Faulty – Sunrise | Melodic House

Faulty hasn’t been around all that long, but he’s already produced some awesome tracks, and this is probably my favourite so far from him! Some of the best use of Applejack’s vocals I’ve heard combine with super happy synths and awesome melodies galore. Very much in the style of other artists such as John Kenza/Kadenza, this nonetheless stands out on its own thanks to the awesome stylistic choices throughout the track.


[P@D] GhostXb – They Mustn’t See Me Cry (feat. BriLizy T) | Orchestral Hip Hop

GhostXb is really getting good at this hip hop-influenced orchestral style, and this is certainly his best track of that nature yet! Featuring gorgeous emotional Sunset Shimmer vocals from BriLizy T, the hip hop percussion combines brilliantly with light orchestral strings and some nice subtle guitar too. The song tells the tale of Sunset struggling with her emotions whilst transitioning from foe to friend to the Mane 6.


Mane In Green – Moment Musical | Orchestral

This piece from Mane In Green lies heavily on its incredibly strong composition, with an increasingly complex violin-centric piece. It feels as if Octavia is putting on a concert performance that steadily increases to a grand crescendo before it ends!


Wootmaster – Futa (TCB Remix) | Hybrid Trap

TCB (aka TheClosetBrony) is a musician that got my sleepy and slothy attention because of the experimentation that TCB creates in the songs. Basically I would call an Avant-Garde Brostep act! So I anticipated to see TCB in the highest mode in terms of quality and in experimentation and oh boy, I was right.

Remixing one of the most comic and lewd songs of Wootmaster isn’t a easy job, I think that this song deserves some kind of “King” treatment because it is really one of the best hip hop tracks that the brony fandom gave birth. And TCB treated Futa like a King, why? TCB recreated the song to his image, imagining a world of pure experimentation on the drops and on the beats. Also, TCB had the time to put an art of each artist that Wootmaster pretends to be (Atryl, BlackJRXIII, Kevinsano and Megasweet), bravo TCB!

Listen to the song, TCB says sorry on the youtube description, but TCB, you don’t need to feel bad. You made one of the best Wootmaster’s remixes I’ve ever heard along with the Reggatóns of Drixale!


fractilx – The Spectacle Remix | UK Hardcore

fractilx is a name I’ve been writing up a lot lately. And I’m quite lucky – their music is really, really good. The drum’s pounding makes it instantly recognizable as hardcore. The blips, though, are the most notable feature here–deliciously short, almost “clicky” synths arpeggiated brilliantly. A great homage to one of the most glitzy songs MLP has ever given us!


YourEnigma – Tell Me Why (On Hold VIP) (Feat. RhymeFlow) | Future Bass

YourEnigma is back from the dead with a spicy VIP of his classic On Hold. Lovely vocal chopping of RhymeFlow‘s great vocals and wiggling synths are the main course, while bouncy, slightly off-beat drums add another layer of magical energy.


DJT & Rusyd Rosman – Breathing Space (Einarx Remix) | Hybrid Dubstep

Einarx releases a hard-hitting, melodic masterwork. It’s difficult to place this song in a box, because it has elements of dubstep, house, and trap. But there’s no question that it’s a fantastic song. Its immense drums and soft bells are amazing on their own, but paired with Rusyd’s vocals? It’s electrifying. Really looking forward to the EP!


[LDB] Totalspark – Dancing in the Moonlight VIP | Future Bass

The responsibility of a community compilation album’s closing track is not one that should be underestimated. While it plays little part in keeping the listener hooked, it determines the finish, the aftertaste which lingers for hours after one has concluded one’s first playthrough, and is quite instrumental to the first impression.

On the newest LDB release Beats Me 3, Totalspark takes care of all this flawlessly with his new take on Dancing in the Moonlight.

While the original is well over a year old and relied on excellent use of negative space and beautiful piano composition to carry it, the 2017 VIP is quite different in execution, if not in concept. Totalsparks once again proves that he can uphold the quality benchmark set by his latest releases, utilising beautiful arps, crisp percussion and lush chords to create an immersive and satisfying experience. A brand new lead synth guides you through both energetic drops, and the track culminates in a gorgeous piano outro.

Get Beats Me 3 on Bandcamp now!


[LDB] Tripon – Queen of the Cavern | Dub

For his first release after the name tweak—specifically, the introduction of a pony specific alias—Tripon embraces his previously underexposed halftime side.

Queen of the Cavern is a brilliantly produced specimen of an underground genre that has not been traditionally represented within the fandom, and is as such an even more welcome release. Tripon sources inspiration from the still-fresh Season 7 episode Rock Solid Friendship, which is prominently sampled within the tune, to construct a scenario in which Maud instrumentalises her in-depth knowledge of Equestrian geology to its full extent. The result is a marvellous subwoofer workout that is as minimal & hard as Maud’s emotional pallet, which also further diversifies the arsenal of genres 2017 pony music can offer its listeners.

Get the full Beats Me 3 album, on which this track has been released, on Bandcamp now!