Chris Wöhrer – Don’t Go Back | Technical Death Metal / Progressive Metal

Chris Wöhrer returns with a headbanging song about the Season 5 finale, with progressive guitar riffs, great usage of blast beats and a tremendous bass rifing and with wild guttural vocals!

Everything sounds amazingly good, one of the best tracks that Wöhrer produced, first we have the aggressive and headbanging part, the part that I really loved but then the things chill down and start a progressive and atmospheric guitar solo with a great bass use and then the vocals arrive again and the song become aggressive again! This path on the song is really well performed and planned. And I love Wöhrer gutturals, they are amazing!


MC-Arch & Agatan – Rise (Acoustic Version) | Hip Hop / Acoustic

MC-Arch’s Rise gets an acoustic remake done by Agatan and it sounds really awesome, the acoustic instrumentation is really well performed and I loved how it brings new life to the song, an atmospheric and warming song that makes me smiling!


The Dark Side – Loyalty | Melodic Dubstep

Guessing that my Brazilian friend The Dark Side is going to make an album or an EP with 6 tracks talking about the Main 6. Because first Dark released Magic, other headbanging Melodic Dubstep track!

An amazing Rainbow Dash anthem, The Dark Side deliver a lot of great wubs and leads that I must say that are really amazing! I love how Dark does the Dubstep, the drop is well build, the main shout in the drop and the minimal wubs mixed with the amazing melodies! I love it! The Dark Side is one of the musicians that needs more love!


MathematicPony – You’ve Got Magic | R&B / Pop

After 1 year of inactivity on Mathematic’s channel, she returns with this amazing electropop tune! Her vocals are really amazing and the piano chords remind me of Vocal Jazz tracks and the drum work makes the typical Alternative R&B beat makes even better. This song reminds me of artists such as Alessia Cara, Troye Sivan and Frank Ocean that makes incredible R&B with electropop feels. The song is really catchy and the lyrics are really meaningful. Talking about friendship and support, Mathematic does a really emotional and awesome speech to the pony fandom in the description of the video and even said that daspacepony help her to come back to the pony music! Mathematic, I missed your songs. Welcome back and hope you stay with us!


Elias Frost – You’re In My Head Like A Catchy Song (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Symphonic Metal

Orchestral elements, a lot of deep emotions and Till Lindemann-like vocals, this is how I describe Elias Frost’s most recent cover! One of the best artists that the brony fandom has gave us this days.

When I listen to this song, the only thing I think is RAMMSTEIN! Oh my, this is really like one of Rammstein’s ballads like Mutter,Mein Herz Brennt or Ohne Dich, the symphonic elements, the drum work and the rough and kickass vocals give big Rammstein vibes! I really love how Elias re-imagined the song and how he give to the song the feels of loss, sadness and mourning. A really emotional and headbanging surprise!

Looking forward to see Elias ponifying Rammstein or doing a Rammstein cover! Because Elias gave us signs (1st and 2nd) that he is the Till Lindemann of the brony fandom.


Horse Music Hotspot – August 2017

HMHotstpot main art

Summer is winding down to an end, but the music keeps coming! We have features this month from a new compilation album and even a brand new promotional channel.

To listen in live, tune in to Ponyville FM at 5PM Eastern (subject to change!) on the last Sunday of each month!

Tracklist and embeds available after the break

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Skelter – Rebellion | Dubstep

Skelter’s compiled a deliciously wubby, hard-hitting track in Rebellion. It’s just packed with power and bassline. The song is about the changelings overthrowing Queen Chrysalis, and subsequently instating Thorax as their new leader.


CrystalData – Perfect Little Princess | Orchestral

Something nice and relaxing to end the night with. I can’t analyse it properly, but I always seem to enjoy the gentle, flowing sounds of some of CrystalData’s songs. A little bit of minimalism works really well from time to time.


Sprocket – A Dark Sublime (ft. Sax Brony & W.H. Auden) | Electronic / Jazz

And with this, Sprocket’s Princess Variations collection is complete: a series of songs revolving around a theme and based around a recurrent chord sequence. This jazzy piece even features the legendary Sax Brony with his own solo. In case you haven’t heard any of the other parts, go take a listen to the whole thing!


ArkticSkies – Timeless | Chillout

Spacy synths and smooth bass collide in Timeless, a song about Starlight and Twilight’s battle in Season 5. It’s supremely relaxing and blissful, with dancing points of light frozen in sound. Every melodic wubble and tick-tock is a letter in the endless story of eternity.