Vylet Pony – Inequality (feat. OMNI) | Dubstep

Indubitably my favorite collab track from Vylet Pony’s mega concept album Mystic Acoustics, this one brings sick drops from another world. And it is no wonder, since Vylet invited the one and only OMNI, the Melodic Dubstep god also known as Omnipony, to bless the track with his insane talent and musical vision. A collab of giants, it resulted in a crazy banger where the wubs from the drops seem like they’re wild monsters chewing furiously and relentlessly, making heavy and otherworldly sounds, leaving us awe-struck, captivated by the music and entranced by its magic… The orchestral motifs in the track are also connecting with the story quite well, and you can definitely feel the love that has been poured into this masterpiece. A stunning polished gem from Vylet and OMNI! Also to OMNI, from your biggest fan: You should collab with community musicians more often if you feel like it, because it creates many wonders and we would all be delighted! Thank you both for this absolute banger!


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