Viricide Filly – These Bitter Wings | UK Garage / House

Second Back From Reality song that got featured on Cider Party! Congratulations Viricide Filly! Finally she is deserving her award for her 3 years of hard work.

The vocal chops are so well performed that make a beautiful synth! The mix between the robotic vocals of Viricide and the synth work and the drum work is amazing! Perfectly the best track from Viricide’s latest album. Also, I loved that sample of Rainbow Dash’s LOUDERRRR!

Also, just for saying this, Viricide is very good in writing lyrics and giving the real meaning to the song. Basically this song is about a breakdown of Viricide’s OC, Eleanor, also because this album is a concept album about her OC.  Not moving an inch, these bitter wings want me dead – this song has really some meaningful and deep messages inside of it. Basically the “bitter wings” are the every single crack of her troubled pasts. Loved the “solo” done with the synths at the end of the song, it was very awesome!

Download or buy Back From Reality in Viricide’s bandcamp. Support a 3 years producing work in you have money.

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