Sable Symphony – Monday Blues (cover) | Pop-Rock


I’ve not actually seen any of the EQG Summertime Shorts, but I don’t imagine this counts as any kind of spoiler ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The poppy original version of this songs transfers really well into a guitar-based song though, and Sable’s voice really packs a punch in the choruses!


[P@D] Silva Hound – Battle Horns (feat. 4EverfreeBrony) | Big Room House

It’s hard not to get up and dance to this track by Silva Hound. With epic synth brass coupled with exciting percussion, this track takes its title “Battle Horns” to heart and develops a very appealing war-like feel. This is only intensified when 4everfreebrony’s vocals come in, telling a compelling tale of war. Truly a legendary song with an intriguing story; be sure to give your ears a treat with this brilliant piece!

This song can be found in Ponies at Dawn: Guardians


Daniel Ingram – Flawless (The Cosine Pitchshifterz Remix) | Hardstyle

The recent song from the 14th episode of the Season 7 has inspired a lot of musicians to make remixes and covers! We had Metal, we had Bubblegum Dance and we even have Orchestral Electronic! But we really needed a Hardstyle / Rawstyle remix, and Pitchshifterz did an awesome remix that I really loved it! The really loud synths are really amazing, one of the best parts! And the vocal preparation was also incredible! The Hardstyle kick mixed with the chorus vocals and the amazing synth makes a really uplifting moment! The Hardstyle kick is one of the most incredible things performed on the track! The vocal chops were also one of the highest points on the track, at the begininh and at the end! One of the best remixes that Pitchshifterz did!

Note: Since the original video got removed, you may find the WAV file of the song here.


Soren Ember – Dust (feat. Protocat) | Soft Rock / Piano Rock

The pony rock / metal songs promotion channel, Rock Farm, releases their first exclusive! A really soft and chill rock track performed by Soren Ember with a piano arrangement done by Protocat!

This collaboration is one of that unexpected and still amazing unions! Because we know Soren Ember (formally OBSCURA) by his amazing classic & soft rock tracks that remind us of the good old days and Protocat is known for his amazing chill Drum N Bass and amazing vocal chops! And oh boy, this collaboration worked! I really loved the piano performance, it was really amazing! Soren’s vocals are really cool and I love his vocals, I really appreciate the classic rock approach on the vocals that Soren uses for take us in a time travel, this time Soren brought me to the 90’s UK, where the Piano Alternative Rock was the main genre aka Britpop where bands such The Verve, Oasis, Blur, Suede, Pulp and Maniac Street Preacher were the most popular! The acoustic guitar riffs performed by Soren are also amazing, the guitar is one of the most important elements in a Soren Ember track, and I really appreciate this guitar riffs! The thing I really loved on this song is how all parts flow together and create a beautiful and amazing harmony! A piece that Rock Farm probably is proud on having on their channel! The song that talks about Lighting Dust’s feeling feelings toward Rainbow Dash following the events of S03E07 “Wonderbolts Academy“. I also loved that pleasuring solo at the middle of the song! Also the visuals, Makenshi is really good at this videos!


Sights Unseen – Pegasus Factory II | Electro-Industrial

Sights Unseen remasters one of his most popular songs, the mashup between the 3 rainbow factory songs. Actually it’s really good, I never listened to the older version (why I didn’t) and when I heard this new version I thought, this has some really some Industrial inspiration, mostly in some drums use, they really look mechanical, the feeling I have when I listen to Electro Industrial music. This is an amazing piece of industrial music, I really loved each corner of it! Well mastered and well mixed! Good job!


Indie Notes – Mailmare in the Distance | Alternative Acoustic Rock

Indie Notes comes back with an amazing and chill remastered version of an old acoustic track that Indie did about my favorite mailmare! Derpy!

The vocals are really good and amazing, I really love Indie vocals, it reminds me of acts like Neutral Milk Hotel or even Pavement! The acoustic guitar riffs are also amazing! And the solo at the end of the song is also amazing! An acoustic and amazing piece! The lyrics are also really written, I really love the poetry and imagination of Indie for writing such amazing lyrics! A really nice and chill track for the end of the day!


Zephysonas – Not even the rain | Orchestral

I wish I knew how to label this more specifically than just “orchestral” because this piece is very different to a lot of the big, epic orchestral pieces I often see. It’s short, but super sweet and cute keyboard/piano-driven piece, and it’s one of those songs created in a sudden burst of inspiration – something which often leads to a surprisingly amazing finished product.