MC-Arch – This War of Mine | Hip-Hop

MC-Arch’s highly-awaited new heartfelt track is here, and this one is extra special as it shares some very deep beliefs! I invite you to read the description and listen to the lyrics, you may be able to relate in one way or another. Through a tender instrumental and a rapping driven by pure strength of conviction, MC-Arch is spreading his message and changing the world at his own pace. The feelings and beliefs conveyed here through this song are truly gorgeous and moving, and I can only thank MC-Arch for making these beautiful and meaningful pieces of love and “important things”. Keep holding on to the Truth!


FritzyBeat hugs ertrii – Maybe | Chill House

A new very welcomed entry in FritzyBeat’s “hugs” series, this one celebrates ertrii’s musician anniversary and conveys much depth, both from Moondancer’s character depth and Fritzy’s personal experience! Wonderfully blending ertrii’s Fluttershy-empowered divine instrumental from Maybe with heavenly and charismatic vocals from the ever-so-passionate FritzyBeat, this track is quite the meaningful experience as it shares social aspects that I’m sure some among us will be able to relate to. A powerful tribute brimming with the magic of Friendship, and a beautiful token of the love that makes us special as a community! Now I wish I was a musician so I could release a track in response to this. I would call it “Makenshi hugs everypony – I love you all”.


Blue Note – In The End (feat. Ecilia Amaj) | Art Pop / Orchestral

Dedicated to her A Symphony of Two partner, her family and friends that help her through difficult times in life! With vocal help coming from Ecilia Amaj, who also helped Blue on The Daughter of The Winds! Blue Note delivers a big feeling of emotions! This vocal track written by Blue Note inspired by How To Disappear Completely done by Radiohead, this track according to Blue can have multiple interpretations, mostly inspired by Blue’ own experiences and probably has some The Perfect Pear inspired stuff. The lyrics are really well written, some really deep emotions!

Now let’s talk about the music itself, the vocals are really well performed and sometimes some of the vocal mixes of Blue and Ecilia created harmonies that gave me chills down my spine, these harmonies with the piano chords and the saxophone and trumpet solo duet done by Blue and Cainbow (this composition was supposed to be a A Symphony of Two instrumental). The duo solo is the most amazing thing on the track along with the vocal harmonies!

This track is really beautiful and emotional, I cried listening for the 5th time and I had chills down my spine every time I heard the track! Listen to the song just not once but a lot of times! Listen to this song with passion and emotion! This is the song that defines that Brony Music and music in general are special things in our lives! This track remind me of A Moon Shaped Pool tracks, the most recent album of Radiohead!


[P@D] Progressive Element, bank pain & Tripon – Ghost In The Dream | Neurofunk

Three awesome names come together and deliver this monster of a collab, namely Progressive Element, bank pain and Tripon. Massive bass design combined with some amazing atmosphere make this a very chilling listening experience. Some excellent halftime sections and breaks complete the nerve busting drops. This is truly a song you don’t want to miss!

Editor’s note: This song is from the upcoming Ponies At Dawn album, Anthology! Full details on the album release and livestream event will be ready shortly, but pre-orders are open now, with a very special option available…


Aelipse – Morning at the Lake | Orchestral

Inspired by an amazing artwork by Holivi, Aelipse let his creativity and magic flow to create this graceful masterpiece. Cleverly and wonderfully represented by an instrument, each of the CMC has their own part in the song and their own things to say in musical ways (more details in the description). Aelipse has shown to have quite the gorgeous musical sensitivity and amazing talent, and I’m happy to get to listen to a new piece full of many wonders and brimming with emotion and beauty as winds and strings paint the artwork anew.


JOSHH – As The Sun Surely Rises | Hip-Hop / Trap

JOSHH returns with even more blissful pony music, and this time it’s the power of the sun shining in musical way through this track definitely very interesting and unique. Starting with an acoustic guitar and Classic Rock vibes, the song then evolves into an electronic-oriented Hip-Hop/Trap instrumental, with added vocals! Definitely a treat showing much inventivity.


Sable Symphony – Soar | Post-Hardcore

As a nostalgic nod to early community songs made toward the moving setting of Scootaloo’s character, Sable Symphony composed a much enjoyable tribute to the not-so-young anymore filly in his own style. Going for a heavy and fitting Post-Hardcore direction, the musician also graces the song with both soft and harsh vocals, bringing out the concept and the lyrics with much energy and beauty.


PrinceWhateverer – Yūgure no Kagayaki (feat. Sable Symphony) | Rock / Metal

Inspired by shonen anime OP/opening songs, the unstoppable PrinceWhateverer teamed up with Sable Symphony once more for a rocking collab. Imbued with a concept written in the description, the song definitely gives much energetic anime vibes, the kind of spirit that makes you confident that you’ll be able to save the world with your friends, through Prince’s vocals and instrumental as well as Sable’s backing vocals that all do wonders.


Proto_ssin and DIϟTORTED DAϟH – iNsAnE ViP | Hardcore

Proto_ssin and DIϟTORTED DAϟH bring us a monolithic and pumping soundscape of deep and grinding kicks, schitzophrenic blasting percussion and haunting organs mashed together like a factory’s assembly line in an industrial powerhouse of hardcore techno, complete with the maniacal ramblings of Miss Pinkamena. What begins as a soft and chilling organ solo ends up thumping and jumping. Adrenaline-shots of quick and glitchy drum loops accentuate the track in unexpected bursts that interrupt the kick drum heavy soundscape and keep you on your toes. This one is definitely meant for louder volumes!