Viricide Filly – You Make My Little Heart Race | UK Garage / House

Robot vocals, mechanical drumming and amazing synths! Welcome to the most recent track done by Viricide Filly!

You Make My Little Heart Race it’s simply divine, dedicated to all of the persons she loves a lot, Viricide delivers a chill and emotional track, with her typical robotic vocals and really awesome drumming! One of the things that surprised me was the really amazing synth work in the track and really sweet lyrics! No one knows, but Viricide Filly is a really awesome writer! Along with her amazing instrumentals and robotic vocals, she also write some pretty and sometimes very emotional stuff! In this track, the synth on the drop looked like someone was playing xylophone, and I loved it! It was an amazing experiment! Also, stay tuned, because Viricide Filly is going to release an EP that will featured this amazing track! Good job Viricide Filly!


Vylet & VooDoo – TEMPEST (ft. Namii) | Dubstep

(Mild MLP Movie spoilers, nothing more than what the trailers show)

This brand new track from Vylet, VooDoo, and Namii (formerly Cadie) took 3 months to make, and boy does the effort put into it show! Namii’s vocals near the start help shift the song from a melodic moment of calm into the buildup for the drop. And the drop itself – for me the sound design really hits a sweet spot between the regular growls and bass sounds familiar to this genre and the more experimental sounds that Vylet often incorporates into his music. Go check out the song for MLP movie hype!

Also, please consider taking a moment of silence for Fishman, may he drop in peace.


And The Rainfall – Skýjaglópur | Experimental Rock

Inspired by Austraeoh, a fanfiction written by Imploding Colon, And The Rainfall delivers an amazing experiment. Also, OH MY GOOOOD, And The Rainfall is back!!!!!!!!!!!1 Let’s celebrate with this write-up!

I cannot describe how happy and emotional I was when I saw the notification, it was soo surreal, but it was true, And The Rainfall, one of the best pony artists return and made a really experimental and ethereal track!

Skýjaglópur is one hell of track! Energetic vocals, noisy and lo-fi guitar solos and riffs, amazing drumming, great performance of the synths and keyboards and some really awesome lyric writing. I love it so much, and if you buy the track on bandcamp, all proceeds will go towards charities that are helping the people affected by the 3 big earthquakes of Mexico, ATR’s home state.

Welcome back And The Rainfall!!! Keep up the good work!


[P@D] John Kenza – Love (feat. 4everfreebrony) | Future Bass

Album opener? Album opener! One of the best things about the Ponies At Dawn albums is that they continue to bring about collaborations that I never would have expected otherwise. This is definitely one of those cases, and it works so well too, and I don’t think I would have even recognised 4everfree’s voice if it wasn’t mentioned – he sounds so different! Go take a listen for a great upbeat start to Anthology.


Nicolas Dominique – Fast n’ Magical | Synthwave

Inspired by this amazing artwork done by Ruhisu, Nicolas Dominique delivers another amazing retro song for dancing through the night. I can really imagine this song in a superhero or a crime investigation series, the really awesome synths and the great drums with some sweet pads made this track a banger! Nicolas did an awesome job on this track, dance in the night till you can’t hold it anymore! Be a bad cop in Equestria and this will be your soundtrack. Good job Nicolas!


MirroredReality – PON135 | House / Trance

Happy tunes this plays, The image shown with it is also a very fitting entity added. Mirrored’s emotions are loud and clear through this tune. It shows that despite everything that happened through lives, they still stand Together. So many different ways, but still as one, as friends. Together with the magic. ❤

It shows you why this fandom stays so amazing and still continues to inspire / reach out to the many. Thank you Mirrored. I share your emotions and am glad we’re in this together. Show some love everybody! ❤


Filly in the Box – Split | Drumstep

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 28 September 2017.

A new track from Filly In The Box is always certain to come with two things – awesome pony vocal chops and some heavy bass design. Both of those are in strong presence here, as part of a track about the two sides to a Changeling. The melodies throughout the track are also pretty interesting and hold it up outside the heavier parts.


Ponies At Dawn – Anthology | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

It’s been a big year for Ponies At Dawn; January saw an ambitious project of an album composed entire of collabs, covers and remixes; June marked the release of Guardians, the biggest main album to date; now they’re back with something special.

Anthology isn’t like any of the other albums. The first half of the album is a collection of brand new tracks from P@D favourites such as DJT, UndreamedPanic, Silver Note, Frozen Night, Exiark and many more! The second half brings some of the best songs from all the past albums released by the collective, as chosen by the staff who put the albums together.

But that’s not all. Something that’s been requested for a long time by fans of the P@D albums is a physical release. Well merch fanatics, your wish has been granted!


This limited edition 3CD release features half of the new tracks (they couldn’t fit it all in!) on one disc and all the of the “golden oldies” on the other two. If you’re as big a fan of Ponies At Dawn as I am, don’t pass up the chance to get your hands on one of these!

Anthology is available to download for free on the Ponies At Dawn bandcamp page, and the CDs are available to purchase for $20, and are due to be shipped in early November.


Dynamite Grizzly – Everything Comes Natural | Tech House / Acid House

Inspired by the latest episode, Dynamite Grizzly makes a really danceable and awesome 9 minutes track of pure underground house! With some help from White Water Black Sheep (Exo), Dynamite created a really good track full of flavor and trippy feelings! In the description, Dynamite says that the song was mostly inspired by Underworld, a really awesome techno band that mixes a lot of electronic genres! This track is really awesome! Turn it up and dance to it! Give Dynamite some love!

The Ponies At Dawn: Anthology livestream is starting now!


The new Ponies At Dawn album will be released on their Bandcamp page later tonight, but to hear it first, tune in to the broadcast on PonyvilleFM, as a special episode of Lycan Dese Beats.

Listen in and join the chat at or hop into their Discord server. Alternatively, there’s a dance party going on in Legends of Equestria at Sugarcube Sugarcane Corner if that’s more your kind of scene!