LoneBrony – The 3 of Us | Orchestral

LoneBrony continues their composition rampage and bring us the lovely piece. Piano, flute and cello come together and play a wonderful song about everybody’s favorite group of three friends. This tells a very emotional tale about the feelings the CMC share, with wonderful solo sections that represent each of the members.


3 thoughts on “LoneBrony – The 3 of Us | Orchestral

  1. Musescore Composer says:

    Also, another note.
    WHAT the freaking HELL is that description?!!

    My friend composed that to signify something COMPLETELY different. The song represents her journey through music (hence the TRUE title) not a group of cartoon, anthropomorphized horses she probably doesn’t even know about.

    Now, I know you yourself might not know that LoneBrony steals music (they’ve also stolen many people’s compositions on MuseScore); that was why their youtube and bandcamp got terminated. I’m just saying this to get the message out there. If possible, could you remove this post?


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