[P@D] iblank2apples – Give Me Wings | Electro House

The last of the P@D pre-releases on Cider Party in anticipation for the new album Anthology (release party is TONIGHT!) comes from iblank2apples, the electro horse himself. As mentioned in the video description, this song pays tribute to Hurricane Fluttershy and mirrors her character in the episode. Starting off calm and atmospheric, it builds into a steady beat, calms down again, but really pumps things up for the second drop – and it completely changes the feel of the song! You gotta check it out for yourself!

The Anthology album premiere starts in 2 hours on PonyvilleFM; we’ll have another reminder as it’s set to begin and we hope to see you there!


Crusader! – Pear Green Eyes | Acoustic

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 28 September 2017.

The rock musicians of the fandom have been having a great time getting inspiration from Pear Butter, and that continues with Crusader! releasing a gorgeous soft acoustic piece that puts another spin on the well-trodden love story. His vocals are lovely, and the guitar works nicely in combination.


ertrii – Everytime | Progressive House

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 28 September 2017.

ertrii’s gorgeously chill vibes are back again. With a groovy intro making way to some lovely arps, the pads in the background start to come to the fore throughout the track, with some lovely feels that definitely give the impression of gently falling through the sky. Check it out below for a mesmerising experience!


Ponytronic – Times Like These (The Remixes) EP | Electronic

If I remember correctly, Ponytronic gained an affinity earlier this year for a certain couple of music ponies after reading a well-known fanfiction about them. Shortly afterwards, his song Times Like These was released – a smooth liquid dnb piece about the duo, perhaps one of his best songs to date. Now after a couple of months of an open contest, he’s proud to present the Times Like These Remixes EP!

Featuring a variety of genres, from more dnb reworks to a hip-hop remix and even a couple of really left-of-field genres, this EP has both some regular names to the brony music community and some people just breaking out into the scene. It’s also seemingly a chance for some artist to break out into new genres – I’ve never heard Metapony do Drum & Bass or UndreamedPanic do hip-hop before! Definitely give this EP a listen, you might just find a new artist or style that you’d be interested in.

Times Like These (The Remixes) EP is available to download for free on Ponytronic’s bandcamp.

PS: The music box rendition at the end is a super cute addition to the album :3


Osoch – Stealer of Magic (feat. Ponysphere & Chris Wöhrer) | Djent / Progressive Metal

I like my Metal like my tea: black and with some Meshuga! And I love this wonderful collab. So take your black teas, add the meshuga and headbang to some kickass Metal!

God damnit, did you understand the joke? Because this really has some Meshugahh vibes, and that band is the creator of Djent. The guitar riffs, the harsh vocals, the drumming and the bass line; everything mixes so well together to astronomic levels of djentness! The guitar solo performed by Wöhrer was on point. Ponysphere’s vocals are my favorite part, because I love his harsh vocals, the way that he perform them is certainly amazing and awesome. Osoch’s vocals are awesome too, I loved the harsh vocals and Osoch’s instrumentation! I love every piece of this and I’m waiting from more vocal and original tracks coming from you Osoch! (Hope you get the joke)

It’s great to see Osoch back, after his writer’s block and final exams. He needed to contact this amazing collaborators and in waiting for their parts survived 2 goddamn earthquakes and power cuts in the space of 2 weeks! Give him some of the love he deserves for pushing through everything!


Matías Peñaloza – In Our Town (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Piano

Another well-done cover for piano has been played by Matías Peñaloza here, who has now given us the big song that Starlight Glimmer sang back when she was a villain.  The technique is clean, which makes this cover entertaining to listen to.  The accompaniment music really helps bring it all together, and it gives the cover, as a whole, a nice finish.  That’s some good stuff there; quite enjoyable!


Rockin’Brony – Spectrum (Covering Re:Make) | Symphonic Metal

Part of an ongoing new series of covers of goldie-oldie pony songs from Re:Make (formerly AcousticBrony), this revival of Spectrum sure does justice to the original with an expert guitar play and Symphonic Metal arrangement. The melodies from the show songs “Winter Wrap Up” and “At The Gala” are as emotional as always, and give much S1 nostalgia!

Ponies At Dawn: Anthology – Album Release Party 29th September!


Normally I would say something like ‘it’s that time of year again’, but this is something special. The upcoming Ponies At Dawn album – Anthology – has something different about it.

But first the details on the release party! While there will be DJs playing from 5 PM – 5 AM UTC (1 PM – 1AM EDT) to celebrate the occassion, the livestream for the album itself starts at 10 PM UTC / 6 PM EDT on Friday 29th September. As soon as the album is released, it will be available to download for any given price (including for free!) from the Ponies At Dawn bandcamp page. If you do wish to contribute, all the money goes to the artists featured. There’s also an option to pre-order the album for $1 or more at the moment.

Like I said earlier, there’s something special about this album though. Half of the album consists of brand new tracks, and the other is a collection of some of the best songs released on the Ponies At Dawn compilation albums over the past few years. AND if that’s not enough, you can also purchase this album on CD! The limited edition comes with full artwork in a 6-panel case with 3 CDs (albeit sacrificing some of the newer tracks in order to make the physical version possible). You can find out more about it and pre-order them (due to be shipped November 1st) on the bandcamp page for Anthology.

And if nothing else, for now you can hear a preview of all the tracks from the album in a video on the Ponies At Dawn YouTube channel. We hope to see you at the release party!