Metajoker – Better Off (feat. GatoPaint) | Alternative Metal / Post-Grunge

With a emotional and nostalgic feeling, Metajoker with help of GatoPaint created Better Off! The new hot tune of the month! Really nice warm and ethereal vibes coming from the track, well we really are on Autumn!

The guitar riffs are really well performed along with the piano chords, Metajoker and GatoPaint did a really awesome job in this! The mix between the two along with awesome drumming, nice control of reverb and mixing, great production qualities, and an awesome vocal performed by the 2 artists singing really deep and emotional lyrics with a nostalgic and warm instrumental made this track a really nice Autumn song for headbang all night long or doing your morning walk! Both artists did an awesome job and reminded me of acts such Breaking Benjamin, Bush and Hurt! Metajoker is an awesome pianist and vocalist and GatoPaint is an awesome guitarist and vocalist! Keep up the awesome work!


Crystal Slave – Daring Doom | Electro

Crystal Slave’s been trying out some new styles lately, and it’s come out really nice in their new song. A little bit harder than their normal stuff, this still has amazing atmosphere in between the drop sections with amazing foley and some nice piano. Speaking of drops, the sinister synthlines in these are just amazing. Well done Crystal Slave, keep experimenting!


Soren Ember – Through Your Heart | Acoustic

What’s it like to love the immortal? Well, Soren Ember tells us what it’s like in his new song. Although we may pass, our love lives on. I love the cajon in this song, it’s not an instrument you hear often in horse music, so it’s refreshing to have in this song. The guitar playing is very calming, and Soren’s voice just makes me want to sing along. Well done Soren, this is a beautiful song.


Inkwel – Tank | Chill

Inkwel continues writing songs for the Mane 6’s pets with this one about Tank. A chill atmosphere really aligns with Tank’s personality, while the strong bassline shows how much of a strong support he is for Rainbow Dash. This song is really fitting for it’s subject, keeping in line with the show. The cute synthlines complete the song and make it a very enjoyable experience.


Elias Frost – Rockhoof Tale | Celtic Folk / Orchestral

Inspired by the first tale from Campfire Tales, Elias Frost brings an awesome track with Celtic/Nordic influences. Rockhoof was one of my fav stories and I see this song as a soundtrack for the tale of Rockhoof. Pony Vikings and Celtic Orchestral are awesome together! Some elements from the song also amazed me, such the vocals and the acoustic guitar riffs. The drums’ celtic-nordic feeling was also fantastic! Elias Frost, you do awesome job in your compositions and tracks, keep up the good work!


Horse Music Hotspot – September 2017

HMHotstpot main art

We’re back again! This month’s episode features not only a very eclectic mix of new and older artists to the fandom, but an (in my opinion) exceptionally strong orchestral game. Settle in for an hour-long selection of some of our faves of September, including a couple from a certain upcoming Ponies At Dawn album!

To listen in live, tune in to Ponyville FM at 5PM Eastern on the last Sunday of each month!

Tracklist and embeds available after the break

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Luck Rock – Orchard in the Sky | Soft Rock

Inspired by The Perfect Pear, Luck Rock sings an amazing ballad about Big Mac and Sugar Belle. With some outstanding acoustic guitar and strings backing up his amazing singing, one can really feel the love being shown in Luck Rock’s song. I especially love the choruses, the lyrics are just so beautiful that it’s chilling, and the backing vocals in the final chorus are superb. Well done Luck Rock!


Virus Ponies – Stay Virused | Electro House

Virus Ponies bringing us a nice Electro House track again. Love it. Every second of it. Reminds me of the times when me and my friends we’re completely wasted and went into the Club and just went absolute crazy. Yeah seriously, I want to hear more stuff like this when I’m in a mode like that again. You see, The Party is a drug, and WE are the dealers! ;D So whatcha waiting for!? Spin this track up and listen! Bounce along and just Jump. Go nuts. Go bananas. Go apeshit. Embrace the Virus. JUST GO!


Seventh Element – That Magic Touch | Techno / Disco

You did a good job man, a very good job. 🙂 Really love the Disco tune! Just from hearing them I want to Dance! Yeah that’s right, I’m gonna write this review as small as possible just to bounce along with these awesome tunes. :p
Seriously though, I am in Love with tunes & vibes like these and I can definitly appreciate the style of how it’s both made & presented/performed. It really has Magic Touch! Awesome job man! I surely hope to see you perform Live one day man, look forward to it already. 🙂

Show some Love! ❤


Mane In Green – My Little Happiness | Orchestral

What a wonderfull Pinkie Pie song. Truly Motivational, Happy, Endearing and
Graceful. Although little, it is a wonderfull piece of Happiness that is bringing people Together. The image used is the reflection of Mane’s reaction to all the Support in his Music, and I hope he feels this feeling for the longest of Time. Make sure you show some love to Mane. He deserves it. My friend, Pinkie smiles upon you! She’s proud! And I hope you continue to feel the happiness you feel right now. ❤