Einarx – SHED.MP3 | Dubstep

What’s Nightmare Night without some heavy dubstep? We’ve got an awesome track here that fits the dark spirit of the occasion. This track from Einarx copiously samples the famous SHED.MOV animation from back in the day, combining with some heavy sound design and aggressive leads. Check it out!


Vylet Pony – BEAUTYSLEEP (feat. R3CTIFIER & NAMII) | Hybrid Dubstep

After last year’s Scaremaster, Vylet Pony unveils a brand new surprise for this Nightmare Night and it features the talents of R3CTIFIER and Namii, formerly Cadie! Expect (or better, get delightfully surprised by) dark Trap vibes, quality back-alley rapping, and hard-hitting wubs! Happy Nightmare Night, and don’t forget to get your beauty sleep!


GhostXb & Wubcake – Extraction | Electronic / Orchestral

I was expecting Nightmare Night music, but not something like this! It sounds like something out of a musical, with both an electronic beat and Ghost’s famed orchestral composition flair adding layers of melodies on top. Wubcake’s able to do some amazingly creepy vocals too thanks to her range of voices. Almost feels like she’s in the room…

Okay I’m not good at writing scary stories, just go listen to the song, kay?


SDreamExplorerS – Like Vinyl (Covering ForeverFreest) | Nu Metal

Inspired by ForeverFreest’s solo version of Like Vinyl, and by great Nu Metal bands, SDreamExplorerS produced his own rocking cover of the song in a record amount of time, further proving his talent and love for making music. ForeverFreest’s vocals made the perfect playground for the aggressive guitar riffs and drums play we love in Nu Metal, and this whole cover is a real nostalgic delight we didn’t know we needed. Also a short announcement video about SDreamExplorerS’ future projects has been uploaded on the channel!


Tripon – Ponk Up | Jump Up

Tripon’s amping up the Ponk this time, with a high-energy and candy-fed Jump Up track defying the laws of Nature with insane composition, sound design, and use of vocal samples. Providing a surge of excitement and happiness from the fast, uplifting pace and the sugary percs, the tune doesn’t fail to bring a smile as Pinkie’s voice resonates in the music and gives it an extra layer of craziness, later joined by Rarity for a tasty dash of white in all the pink. Time to Ponk Up!


[P@D] Flittzy & Faulty – Chase The World | Pop Rock

The FF team went all-out for Ponies at Dawn Anthology (Flittzy and Faulty, not Final Fantasy…) and the result is a breathtaking and amazing Pop Rock track combining catchy and epic guitar riffs with the delightful and charismatic vocals Flittzy is known for. The overall happy and adventurous mood conveys an awesome dash of pony spirit that is so welcome, and the whole track is quite a masterpiece gracing the album!