Skelter – Defeat | Trap

Skelter makes an appearance on promotional channel A State of Sugar and delights with the Trap mastery he’s known for. Dark underground vibes are complementing shady melodies for a very tasty and enjoyable result, and those of you who might find the cover art tasty as well have certainly been Defeat-ed by the strong arguments of these mares. More socks and absolute territories please! This new “Naughty” series on ASoS is definitely much promising. Shoutout to channel manager Violin Melody!


[P@D] SeyN AQ – Satellites (feat. Metajoker) | Progressive House

Anthology! The most recent effort of Ponies At Dawn! A bunch of fresh horse tunes mixed with some really awesome oldies! This time we are here listening to, I say, the best track from this album! SeyN and Meta did an awesome job together!

The lyrics have really amazing meanings and who wrote the lyrics is a poetic genius! Metajoker with his amazing vocals gave life to this amazing lyrics and put me chills down my spine, like how the heck Metajoker manages to do that to me every time! Metajoker, your vocals are pretty damn amazing and I really like them!

Now, SeyN! This instrumental is on point, the amazing drops with the amazing synth work and the feeling of bridge that gave in the middle of the song plus how SeyN edited the amazing vocals of Metajoker for fit in the amazing instrumental that have everything on point and everything was really uplifting and awesome! Dance until its night!

Time for the publicity announcements! Don’t forget to download Anthology on a bandcamp near you (if you are rich, just buy the album). Like Pinkie Pie said: Enough chitchat, time is candy! So, have fun listening to this amazing song and to this amazing album, you won’t regret it!


John Doe – Tio | Soundtrack

The last track on the Ponytown Fall Update OST, Tio brings many Atelier vibes with such happy and carefree melodies on piano with lots of playful winds backing them up. It immerses you into a game setting even when you’re not playing the game, and it also always seems to be fragrant with pony spirit, and that’s the best we could hope for an OST track made for a pony game!


Rockin’Brony – The Loyalest and Most Dependable (Covering Re:Make) | Country / Metal

Next in Rockin’Brony’s series of Re:Make covers, is Applejack’s theme that has definitely a distinct Country flavor! Nostalgic in more ways than one by also reminding of RainbowCrash88’s Applejack Stage Theme, this cover of Re:Make’s original song lays out an expert arrangement of banjo and mandolin sounds ending with a powerful Metal finale, with always those sweet Winter Wrap Up melodies!


Sable Symphony – Forever | Melodic Metalcore

A headbanging and melodic track coming from the awesome Sable Symphony! The track about Twilight’s immortality and the loss of her best friends comes with deep and emotional lyrics, well performed vocals such in the harsh and clean way (Sable does really the 2 pretty well), and the melodic guitar riffs and solos are really amazing and wake you up. This track is really my banger right now, I really needed a New School Melodic Metalcore track with that amazing breakdowns and low-pitched harsh vocals mixed with high-pitched harsh vocals! Kinda reminds me of Metal Core Pony! Sable Symphony, you did an awesome track! Keep doing an awesome work! Stay brutal!


Vylet Pony – Comets | Orchestral

Mostly inspired by great classical composer Frédéric François Chopin (who happens to be my favorite classical composer), Vylet displays the extent of his talent once again with a 2-hours piano improv telling the story of a lovestruck unicorn princess. Masterful and emotional piano play is backed up by beautiful strings, and the mellow track progresses into a besotted and intense climax much fitting to the theme.


ertrii – Harvest Season | Chillwave

Ertrii’s back again to delight us with a magical piece, and this time it’s a Chillwave song with soothing vibes as well as a tech-y beat that is quite groovy. The progression of the track features blissful sound design, gorgeous piano, and emotional melodies to create a wonderful experience empowered by the cover art and the feelings of immersion into Equestria that we can get from it.