[P@D] Omnipony – Clouds (Anon Remix) | Hybrid Trap / Dubstep

Time for another remix of the iconic “Clouds”, by Omnipony, with this remix by…, well we may never know, as this one was made by an anonymous musician! But to whom-ever did this, it came out splendid! The Flutterchops have a rather interesting take, with them played in different octaves, a different key (not to mention the whole work), and with a cool tape stop at the end (Spoiler alert!). But the resonant basses are what really get the track going, and the variance with the drops adds a nice variety. That’s some smooth stuff there! Well done!
Just, who did this anyway?!
Go check out P@D’s “Anthology” album here!

Editor’s note: This remix is also featured on P@D’s YouTube channel.


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