Jyc Row – [S07 FINALE SPOILERS] | Orchestral

hmh spoilers

Hey-ho, spoilerinos below. Watch the finale first, it’s pretty cool.
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General Mumble – Goodbye, Holiday | Witch House

A tradition every year, General Mumble’s pony-themed Halloween songs and EPs have always been the subject of much delight from the community, and here’s a brand new song made for the occasion that uses the lyrics from Say Goodbye to the Holiday and brings some spooky and sly Snowfall Frost vibes! Masterful instrumental of icy sounds to instill a bloodcurdling vibe, tale-telling melodies, and distorted vocals all makes this a Halloween/Nightmare Night masterpiece signed General Mumble!


Rusty Thorsell – Explosion | Indie Pop

Rusty’s back with a new unique-sounding song and this one is about the end of the world! “Happy tunes with depressing lyrics” is but a facet of the originality of the music and to Rusty’s signature vocals is added a fun instrumental using unusual sounds for a resulting track of a kind you probably haven’t heard often. Expressing youself through music is another aspect of its magic!


Jyc Row – DATA (feat. 4everfreebrony) | Orchestral

Set phasers to saaaaaad. Fresh off the back of 2 other major collab works, Jyc has finished up this bittersweet ballad with 4everfreebrony about Sweetie Bot. 4EB sings about her struggle to grasp the concepts of emotions and love, and French musician Koron Korak features with a fantastic violin solo. Feeling sympathy for a robotic equine – just another day in the pony fandom.


Osoch – Open Up Your Eyes (Сovering Daniel Ingram) | Metal

Osoch’s on a roll, and he went all-out with this cover of Open Up Your Eyes that is my favorite cover of that very emotional song from the movie. Displaying mighty Metal vocals, as well as masterful guitar play and drums, it covers the original so beautifully and powerfully even in the hardest parts. As for the “backstory” part, it is interpreted here in such a blissful way reminding of Prog Rock. A masterpiece of a cover and a token of Osoch’s talent, who I’m sure will keep rising in the pony music scene!


Tridashie & Billy Rex – Pony Girl (feat. IMShadow007 & Brittney Ackerman) (Midnight Musician Remix) | House / Pop

Tridashie’s Barbie Girl ponification hit Pony Girl gets a much welcomed remix by Midnight Musician who does a great job at expanding the happy and nostalgic vibes of the original. Giving it an uplifting House accompaniment with a dash of retro feel, it makes you want to party and fly among the ponies in Equestria!


iblank2apples & R3CTIFIER – Phoenix (GROskAr Remix) | Dubstep

Here is yet another remix of “Phoenix” by iblank2apples and R3CTIFIER, with this version brought to you by one of the fandom’s heaviest-hitting dubstep producers, GROskAr!  This work will take you in for a ride with a bit of an unexpected turn as its quite ambient at the beginning, and then bam!  GRO uses this style quite a bit, and he does it amazingly.  Golly, those basses hit HARD!  They also have a unique timbre to them, which makes them even better.  With this remix, not only does he make a bigger name for himself, but this also applies for iblank2apples and R3C.


Sable Symphony – Rainbow (Covering Sia) | Pop Rock

The movie’s emotional finale song by Sia gets the special treatment from Sable Symphony who delivers a cover graced by his signature vocals. Staying true to the spirit of the original while still imprinting the cover with his own rocking spin, the musician displays a high vocal range and pays much tribute to a song that moved many of us, may it be from Sia’s gorgeous vocals or from the very deep and meaningful lyrics.


Zizkil – She Only Comes Out At Night | Drumstep / Glitch

Zizkil’s newest track is a Flutterbat-themed dark banger that strikes hard with stunning sound design and drops slashing through the night! Hiding a drop behind another, the track is surprising and blissful as it pays much tribute to Flutterbat in tasty and mighty musical ways. After Horse Music Herald, where will the bat pony strike next? I would be on the lookout tonight on a certain cider-brewing channel if I were you…