Dj Shadow Music – Jigsaw | Hard Trap

Being a fan of the “Saw” movie series, Dj Shadow Music combined that and his passion for pony music to create this wicked Hard Trap tune. Mad drops and sick beats are making for quite a haunting and dark atmosphere, and the experiment was definitely successful! Shoutout to Dj Shadow Music for being so lovely and sweet, too! Go give him some love!


Sprocket – Dawn | Orchestral

A track as gorgeous as the name implies, Dawn benefits from an incredible progression where piano and strings are chanting a delightful ode to the Princess of the Sun. The finale is spectacular and concludes the track with stunning rays of sunlight depicted through music. Download this gem here!


Daniel Ingram – Time To Be Awesome (Faulty Remix) | House

Brought to you by Daniel Ingram, and remixed by Faulty, this work has to be one of the most beautiful house tracks this fandom has to offer! The composition of the instrumentation is well-made to fit perfectly with the Rainbow Dash vocals.  Also, the vocal chops make for a nice lead in the breakdown.  This song is just so polished, it deserves more recognition; like it needs on a Dude Perfect or People are Awesome video.  Go give it a listen if you haven’t already!
Awesome job, Faulty!  (Good choice on the cover art, too!)
Go check out the original here!


[ASOS] GhostXb – Sugar Rush | Electro Swing

Short yet sweet like candy, this is GhostXb’s take at Electro Swing as part of A State of Sugar Candy, aptly themed around Pinkie Pie. It’s true that she’s the perfect pony for the genre, not just by reminiscence of such community classics as Gypsy Bard, but also because the uplifting and rich flavor of the genre is reflecting Pinkie’s personality. Through the groovy rythm, and the many instruments enacting their energetic melodies, this track is playing an ode to life, sweet things, and Pinkie’s perspective!


Rarity Advocate – Pony Piano Sonata | Piano Sonata

Rarity Advocate is back with a new piece of many wonders, and this sonata in three movements is covering various well-known songs and BGMs from the show. First are the classic melodies of Hush Now Lullaby from S01E17 Stare Master. Then the bliss of Luna’s gorgeous Night takes us away, as William Anderson’s Luna’s Theme gets covered in a beautiful way in the second movement. The last movement is a free improvisation on the Theme Song, and there couldn’t be a better finale!


[ASOS] Nevermourn – Sweet Dreams | Liquid Drum & Bass

Nevermourn continues to impress and the next gem in his streak of gorgeous tunes is a divine ode to our Princess of the Night, and a lullaby filled with untold emotion. The bass coming in at 0:43 just takes and elevates you to new planes, while the beauty of the melodies on the strings and the ambient vocals are just calling for powerful emotion. An all-time masterpiece included in the compilation album A State of Sugar Candy, and a token of the magical power of music. And it may be no coincidence that it is about Luna and the Night, a realm much known for its emotion among fellow Children of the Night… Nevermourn, your music is magic to me, and I can’t thank you enough for letting me experience it.


Mikuma – Raindrops (feat. Namii) (L.M. Remix) | Future Bass

LucienMusique returns to present us a tasty Future Bass remix of Mikuma‘s collab with Namii, and it is brimming with the musician’s expert hoof and creative vision. Laying out the vocals in a whole new progression, it brings mellow vibes as well as sick synth and percussion work reminiscent of Grey’s remix of Zedd’s Papercut (which has been adapted into an amazing PMV, by the way).