The L-Train – Theme from “Ponyville Noire” | Jazz

We don’t get enough of these! A smooth and cozy Jazz piece unfolds, courtesy of The L-Train who composed this theme for the fanfiction Ponyville Noire. After meeting with an old partner in a dim-lit backstreet on a moonless night, you go on to talk about the old times when you were working for the family… and you hear this song being played on the sax by a pony sitting on a window pane. This is the kind of scene and musical bliss that this theme is giving to us!


Crusader! – Time To Be Awesome (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Pop Punk

Crusader covers his favorite song from the movie in his signature style, uplifting guitar and vocals ahoy! Singing like a pirate from the crew at heart, the musician cheers for Captain Celaeno and the other sky pirates in his own way, and not without performing a super cool guitar solo near the end! I’m sure Rainbow Dash would approve. By the way, her birthaversary is coming up, on February 1st this year!


BlueBrony – Namby Pamby (PegasYs Remix) | Glitch-Hop

The original Namby Pamby by BlueBrony was such a treat, with that rapping in the perspective of Pharynx and all the funky-ness, and to our great delight, Glitch-Hop master PegasYs remixed it in his own style! Classy funk and groovy sounds ensue, and always completing BlueBrony’s original vocals and Pharynx repping the hood! Also, if you like the shirt that this rule 63 of Pharynx by Kevinsano is wearing, you can grab one here!


Worst Princess – Best Intentions | Punk Rock

We can always count on pony band Worst Princess to tackle on the most Punk Rock-ish themes in the whole community, and with the perfect musical enactment! May you be able to relate to the bittersweet meanings behind the song or not, you’ll enjoy the perfect guitar play and gritty sound for the genre, and the heartfelt vocals of Best Intentions!


R3CTIFIER – Break the Silence (GeekBrony Remix) | Electro House

GeekBrony gave his own spin to R3CTIFIER‘s praised Break the Silence, expanding the mellow vibes over a sweet Electro House arrangement. Soothing sounds and melodies are paving the way to a beautiful musical haven, where Fluttershy can sing the many wonders of Nature and life with her gorgeous voice, still present with the Flutterchops from the original track.


Vylet Pony – Heckers (feat. GalaxySquid & Namii) | Synthpop / Indie Pop

Another lovely collab from Vylet, Heckers is especially cute, being Vylet’s own heartfelt song about the bonds he’s made over the years in this community. Featuring GalaxySquid and Namii, it brings fluffy vocals over a slick yet mellow Synthpop instrumental, with always that Indie flare that Vylet’s vocal tracks are now known for! Treasure your friendships, everypony! And max out your Social Links if you can! (now I wonder who will get that reference…)


Whirly Tail – Thinking Out Loud | Trance

There’s no limits to what you can do if you’re passionate, and this song by Whirly Tail is a stunning token of passion and dedication. This Trance beauty was actually produced on a smartphone! There is always a way to create what you want, and express your feelings. Thinking Out Loud is not only an impressive and beautiful experience of sound, it is also a heartfelt tribute to the one who inspired Whirly Tail so much with her wisdom, kindness and devotion: Violin Melody, the very lovely founder of A State of Sugar herself! Such sentiments are always so wonderful to see in this community… Friendship is Magic!


Horse Music Hotspot – January 2018

HMHotstpot main art

New year, new selections for the hotspot, and this month rocked! A great deal of fantastic rock and acoustic tunes feature this month and even an acapella piece too.

To listen in live, tune in to Ponyville FM at 4PM Eastern on the last Sunday of each month!

Tracklist and embeds available after the break

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One Track Mind – This Chord | Drumstep

One Track Mind can’t be stopped, and this time the visionary musician made a melodic progressive Drumstep banger about the S6 finale and more particularly Discord’s feelings toward his beloved friend Fluttershy! Unleashing all the draconequus’ wrath in musical format at the perfect time after his words, sampled directly from the show, This Chord is providing a blissful heavy experience of sound. Melodies, chiptune sounds, and wubs, all composed wonderfully, express the track’s concept in pure One Track Mind style and talent. One More!


Totalspark – Quod Paenitentia | Classical

It always feels so great when you’re obsessed with ponies enough to attribute them to the other things in your life and your everyday! Everything is better with ponies indeed, and today Totalspark presents us a new work born from his training as a Classical vocalist, interpreted with Luna’s character! Latin vocals from the musician are chanting the song like a prayer, completing a beautiful Classical instrumental…
Soli Luna gloria.