Vylet Pony – A Night’s Blossom | Orchestral

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 26 March 2018.

A commission for a story by artist ‘Dreams Of Ponies’, this piece from Vylet is subtle and subdued, with some excellent play between different instruments throughout the track. It definitely carries a nice air of playfulness and mystery thanks to the lovely composition.


[P@D] AnNy Tr3e – Burn (feat. Metajoker) | Progressive House

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 23 March 2018.

AnNy Tr3e has released a few pretty neat house tracks, but this is definitely his best so far in my opinion. Featuring some fantastic vocals from Metajoker, it builds up in a classic progressive way to a high energy house-y drop with some engaging compositional work and nicely clean mix.


Suskii – Stealth (feat. Kozmos) | Dubstep

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 25 March 2018.

Suskii’s new Changeling-themed EP Bugsquad Pt. 2 is out now in full force, and this track featuring vocals from Kozmos showcases it pretty well. Kozmos’ rapping builds the track up to a heavy dubstep drop that, like most of Suskii’s tracks, has a distinctly insectoid feel to it, before a powerful melodic break that leads into more wubs.


[P@D] The Wasteland Wailers – On Our Own (feat. Brittany Church) | Jazz / Pop

Featured on the new Ponies at Dawn album, this brilliant track is a tribute to The Wasteland Wailers’ late bass player and songwriter, Yondy. Brittany Church sings passionately with crystal clear tone to carry the 60s-style club tone over top an expert instrumental provided by the Wailers. It is easy to tell the group put a lot of effort and emotion into this song for their fallen friend. The tempo and instrumentation is perfect for such a rare genre among fandom music, and the transition and guitar-work on the chorus is top notch. Absolutely make sure you listen to this splendid work of art!


Rockin’Brony – Winter Wrap Up (covering SHAICO / Daniel Ingram) | Symphonic Metal

Inspired by an old cover of the show’s first big hit (originally produced by SHAICO), Rockin’Brony re-creates Winter Wrap Up as a brilliant, symphonic instrumental. RB’s always top notch guitar soloing ability is really on display here, with several layers of great guitar work and shredding interspersed through the track. The drums are on point for the upbeat style and the bells really ring out the top-end of the mix for an extremely fun take on the beloved classic!


[P@D] Metapony – Between Night and Day | House

Another hit from the new Ponies at Dawn album, Metapony brings both the beautiful melodies as well as the dance wubs in Between Night and Day. The song starts with a very pleasing synth ambience which carries into a sort of dubstep-influenced portion of the track. Meta uses bells to keep the pretty sound as a consistent theme while the drum beat and drops maintain the energy, and keep your body moving. The piano and synth round out the track beautifully, and help make it a stand-out track on an already incredible compilation!


[P@D] Blue Note & Wandering Artist – Ellipse | Orchestral

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 21 March 2018.

Blue Note, often appearing as half of A Symphony Of Two, and Wandering Artist, otherwise known as John Doe, creator of the Ponytown soundtrack, have teamed up together for a pretty awesome collab! Divided into two parts that represent the cycle of day and night, it’s a very classically oriented piece, and makes beautiful use of a variety of different orchestral instrumentation, and moves between uplifting energetic segments, and softer more thoughtful ones.


Lukas Vokrinek – A Lonely Teacup | Orchestral

Wondering what may have become of Trixie in a world without Starlight, Lukas Vokrinek brings us this soft piece of a magician reflecting on loneliness and self-pity. There is a well-established feeling of desperation in the piano composition which serves to carry the somber melody, while the string parts accentuate the notion of loneliness and agonizing emotion. The different parts build together towards the end to create a brighter, more energetic tone, which serves as a reminder of the cheerful reality that exists in the friendship of the two best mares. Beautifully haunting and charmingly optimistic, A Lonely Teacup is a gorgeous piece of emotional composition!


[P@D] Zephysonas & Lucas Gimeno – New Beginnings | Orchestral

Here is another great orchestral track off of the new Ponies at Dawn album! Combining the talents of two very talented composers, New Beginnings starts off with Lucas Gimeno’s pleasant piano composition with some light orchestral detail from Zephysonas gradually building around it. As the track continues, the dynamic grows much more intense and includes some great brass detail to round out the exciting middle, before ending with a soft, soothing piano once again. A great display of collaborative talent, make sure to check out this excellent instrumental!