New Reverian – “Civilizations” | Orchestral / Electronic

Here we have an uplifting song by New Reverian, paying tribute to “Anthropology”; a fanfic by JasonTheHuman this one is about the crossover of the pony and human civilizations and has that “awaiting discovery” feel to it. It’s hard to put into words when describing the atmosphere in this track. The orchestral arrangements are answered by a euphoric assortment of synths and help to paint this picture and I just love how they all come together.


[P@D] Seventh Element – Tetrahedral Memoir | Orchestral / Breakbeat

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 14 May 2018.

Seventh Element’s music can get exceptionally deep at times, especially when he forays into combinations of orchestral elements with breakbeat percussion and electronic synths. The result here is a gorgeous meld that tells a story of Twilight’s journey into her own mind to face some inner demons.


4EverfreeBrony feat. Koron Korak – Shining Star (covering Woodlore) | Acoustic Pop

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 27 May 2018.

WoodLore may be pretty much done with producing music for the fandom, but 4Everfree is keeping the spirit of his music alive with this beautiful interpretation of one of his old classics, Shining Star. Featuring some lovely violin from Koron Korak, 4Everfree’s vocals are a lovely new take on the lyrics with a soft and sweet instrumental.


Sights Unseen – Ardent Light | Synth Rock

As a long-time fan of Sights Unseen, I just want to say how happy I am to see that not only is he producing brony music again, but also that there are plans for much more to come! Bringing his unique blend of synths and rock music, Sights gives us this brilliant, powerful song about the Princess of Friendship and her struggles in learning how to lead after being thrust into such an important role. The synths in this track are used to great effect as leading riffs as well as background chords that add a level of epicness to each other instrument playing at the time. Sights does an amazing job in keeping the theme of adversity front and center while bringing in “heavenly” musical elements to make the struggle beautiful. If you are unfamiliar with this artist, then make sure to check out this track (and if you are familiar, then you know I don’t have to tell you to)!


Dynamite Grizzly – parasite lovely | Techno

Grizzly has always been the first musician I think of when Techno gets brought up, and this is no exception. A nice raw progression coupled with a clever use of samples thrown in the mix and all dedicated to the parasite queen we all know and love. This one is a trip to say the least and one worth taking!


Tripon – Becoming Popular | Jump Up Drum & Bass

This is a nice blast from the past cast in a new light by Tripon! Its an interesting take on a song that completely flips the mood on end and makes excellent use of  sound design and vocal manipulation and creates tension in all the right ways. This is the song that everypony should know!


Blackened Blue – The Rising Sun | Metal

Blackened Blue is really beginning to gain some ground, especially with tracks like this one! The Rising Sun starts out with a great, almost misleadingly soft guitar intro before taking the built-up tension and exploding into an incredible metal instrumental. The guitar work in this piece is top notch with excellent dual harmonies and syncopation, and are further supported with the great composition and mix. With a tempo and a beat that really bring out the Daybreaker levels of intensity, Blackened Blue gives us a phenomenal track!


D1SCORDANT – Face The Storm | Industrial Metal

D1SCORDANT is back with his own brand of gritty, harsh metal music and this time it’s about fighting the Storm King. The dirty, low, distorted guitars and upbeat drums create this aura of adversity and looming evil which makes for a great theme of an oppressive king approaching with an army. Face the Storm is inspired by evil diesel and steam punk styles of his airships, and D1SCORDANT does an excellent job of making that theme felt through little more than guitars and drums!


SDreamExplorerS – Ephemeral I: Letters and Longings | Album | Metal

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 18 May 2018.

SDreamExplorerS’ new album is finally out, and there’s a full stream of all the tracks in one handy video over on YouTube! Featuring over an hour of awesome metal music, you can tell that DreamExplorer has put a whole load of effort not into just the music on show here, but also the story weaved throughout it. You can grab the album on Bandcamp¬†here, and check out the full stream on YouTube!


JoinedTheHerd – Memory Lane | House

I’ve been in the fandom a long time–almost six years now. It’s been an amazing, wild ride. And JoinedTheHerd’s newest song is like being hit with all six years at once. Every sample has a story to it–Snowdrop, cleaning with wubs, crush kill destroy swag, set phasers to hug, and of course the clips from the show itself. Memory Lane really reminds me of all the fun times we’ve had as a fandom. What an amazing, heartwarming piece!