Steel Chords – Never Give Up [Re-Mastered] | Pop Punk

Digging back quite a ways, Steel Chords brings back this beautiful homage to the tireless efforts of the Cutie Mark Crusaders and their quest for cutie marks. Never Give Up is upbeat, cheery, and easy to move along to, giving off the vibe of early punk classics – much like the young CMC! Steel re-released the track to coincide with his concert appearance at this year’s St. Louis Crystal Fair where the song first premiered. In many ways this was a perfect way to reintroduce the track as the song itself has a very nostalgic feel knowing what we know now compared to when it was first written.


BroniKoni – Empty | Rock Ballad

BroniKoni is always exceptional with their work and this deeply emotional track is further proof! Empty is the inner thoughts of a lonely pony who doesn’t know if everything he sees is even real or if everything is a distorted fantasy of his own twisted mind. The track is largely driven by the piano accompaniment with the vocals which set a big stage through the use of only two instruments. The inner torment is further expressed with a guitar solo of pure languish. It’s difficult to emphasize how well written and produced this track is, and really needs to be experienced so go check it out!!!


Frozen Night – Tears of The Evernight | Orchestral Metal

NB: This was originally posted on Equestria Daily on 30 May 2018.

Frozen Night’s works are always lovely to listen to and this beautiful piece is no different. The instrumentation throughout the track evolves in an especially gratifying way and there’s some pretty epic progressions as well. As is often the case with Frozen’s works, there’s a nice touch of metal guitar meshed together with the powerful strings and percussion.