The Ponytones – Horse of the Rising Sun (The Animals ponified) | Rock

The next Ponytones ponification is here! Keeping with the 60s theme, “Horse of the Rising Sun” parodies (specifically) the famous Animals cover of Bob Dylan’s original, “House of the Rising Sun.” The lyrics by iRhymeTheSongs are about Celestia, as you may have guessed from the title, and are handled very well. With some immaculate drumming and fiery vocals from Wootmaster, crisp guitar and bass tones from The Sound Guy, and some very sharp organ playing by Riccardo C, this Celestia-focused parody is quite well-produced and should be a treat for anyone, even those who haven’t heard the original.


The Shake Ups In Ponyville – Little Flurry | Power Pop

A new upload from Equestria’s number one Power Pop band is a feast everytime, and this one from the Ponymania album is about Flurry Heart! The lovely PMV is making us melt at the same time as the song and its tender vocals, making it sound like something you would sing to Flurry Heart herself. A soothing release, and tribute to a character that doesn’t get songs that often!


A State of Sugar – Bubblegum | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

ASoS Bubblegum! here we go! ❤ Been looking forward to this for DAYS! The talent from this album is so wonderful and open, its extraordinary what people are capable of, and in how many ways the power of music can make its mark. Everybody did wonderful! Truly A-MA-ZING! I am proud and honored to have been a part of this with you all and I look forward to the next album! Everybody please stay talented, beautiful, and awesome. ❤ Please, promise me that. ❤

(And thank you all for having me and Ayydray on. MASSIVE S/O TO AYYDRAY HE’S THE HERO BEHIND THE TRACK! AYYDRAYY WE SEE YOU BRO ❤ )

And let’s stick like the awesome taste of Bubblegum! 😀

Bubblegum is available to download from the ASOS Bandcamp for FREE.


Daniel Ingram – Pinkie’s Present (Vinny Schway Remix) | Electro Swing

We don’t often get pony Electro Swing and this time Vinny Schway got us covered, with a tasteful remix of Pinkie’s Present from S06E08 A Hearth’s Warming Tail! Pinkie is leading the way around town and all the happiness around with her vocals, as punchy beats and jazzy piano are paving the road to a heart-warming time with the ponies.


strigidae – fluffy blackberry pie (UndreamedPanic’s ‘Hold On’ Reimagined) | Indie Dance

Strigidae is on a roll with the very fluffy and fuzzy releases! After the cuddly fuzzy purple pancakes focusing on Starlight (and Trixie), this one is centered around Tempest aka Fizzlepop Berrytwist from the movie! Beautifully reimagining the original collab with UndreamedPanic Hold On, Strigidae pays much tribute to the very loveable pony with this new song, imbuing her character depth and the Mane 6’s feelings for her in it. A wonderful fan song, and a much joyous occasion! Let us reminisce about the events of the movie and think about what we feel for Tempest, as we listen to the song and imagine some magical fireworks unfolding before our mesmerized eyes…


Kaminakat – Atelier Twily | Soundtrack

A momentous release for me, here’s a real treat full of J-RPG Soundtrack love! A crossover between MLP and my favorite active J-RPG series, Atelier, it takes inspiration from both Twilight Sparkle and the main theme from Atelier Viorate, and delivers a heartfelt original composition in a nostalgic chiptune style. Blissful melodies and sounds, sing an ode to the soul for the gamer!
And by the way, if you’re into J-RPGs I really recommend that series. It’s a very active one, with 9 games out already on PS3 and PS4! All games by studio Gust are amazing and very lovely, I also recommend the recent Blue Reflection and Nights of Azure games.


ertrii – Your Kindness | Chill House

A new pony release from musical maestro Ertrii, Your Kindness embodies, you guessed it, Fluttershy’s Element. But hold your horses, it does it while sampling the classic Hush Now Lullaby in a very nostalgic way! Those who explored the pony music of the past might know what I mean. Many songs sampled that very iconic song showcasing Fluttershy’s gorgeous and very inspiring vocals, and it’s a real delight to see Ertrii bringing out the potential of those vocals once more in the present with this blissful Chill House track. Let us remember together as we partake in the divine sound…


Daniel Ingram – Becoming Popular (mikuma Remix) | Future House

Mikuma’s back with a new show song remix showcasing his unique style! Using the whole extent of his experience, the musician crafted tasty whomps to go along Rarity’s vocals from Becoming Popular. It all makes for a very bouncy and danceable treat, making you feel like you’re in some popular disco club in Equestria! As a bonus, Photo Finish drawn by the awesome Marenlicious is here to grace us with the beautiful -and rare- sight of her eyes…


Evgeniy Doctor – Ponies’ Anthem | Trance

Many of you remember your first feelings and emotions when you discovered MLP and the brony community, and Evgeniy Doctor made a song about just that! Fittingly covering the one and only theme song from the show, this Trance gem is full of heartfelt feelings and delightfully calls back to those early days of discovery, that changed many of our lives. Even if time passes and things are bound to change… never forget those feelings, everypony! Don’t forget how you felt, and what you still feel… because in that passion and love, Truth can be found!


Tripon – Hop, Skip & Jump Up | Jump Up

Oh look that intro with the spinning logo is pretty cool I wonder who- Ahem. For those who missed the fresh and tasty round of cider over at Sweet Apple Acres, know that Tripon just released a must-have of an EP full of massive pony-inspired Jump Up party tunes! This one plays on Hop, Skip & Jump from S01E07 Dragonshy and brings both Pinkie vocals and high-energy slashing wubs and beats. It pays much tribute to Pinkie, and displays once more Tripon’s talent at everything Drum & Bass! Grab it as part of the ePONYmous EP!