Daniel Ingram – In Our Town (Evgeniy Doctor Remix) | Hightrance

Trance extraordinaire Evgeniy Doctor continues to explore different flavors of the genre as he continues to create. This time, he brings us an extremely upbeat and infectious remix of the unsettling introduction to everyone’s favorite reformed villain! With some clear psytrance elements leaking in, the soundscape on display here is both very catchy and highly intricate (with an awesome bridge section to boot)!


Koron Korak – Pony Killer (Turbo Killer Parody) | Synthwave

Koron never ceases amazing us! After the very creative and artistic Vicious Circle until inner Emptiness, it’s time for yet another unique display of creativity and talent alike, with a ponified cover of Carpenter Brut’s Turbo Killer, full of personal meanings! You are pony killer… Pinkamena’s words from her mouth, amazingly animated in the video, are setting the atmosphere for such an intense and delightfully dark cover that showcases Koron’s skill at violin, expertly covering the original melodies through the instrument always making for much emotion! The whole video includes live action footage as well and it’s all such a stunning work of art, and tribute to Pinkamena Diane Pie aka Pinkie!


[MARVELOUS TRACKS] Agents of Discord – Horse GameZ | Breaks

Along Marvelous, a remix of Manticore in collab with Olly Hancock, and the collab with Reverbrony that was featured on Cider Party, Chimera, Horse GameZ is one of the comeback releases from Agents of Discord released through that marvelous new compilation album! This track is inspired by Button Mash and Gamer Luna, and showcases the musician’s proficiency at Breakbeat while laying out lovely melodies! You can bet Agents of Discord is gonna have loads more in store for us in the future so do stick around on the channel!


Rockin’Brony – Open Up Your Eyes (2018 Redux) (Covering Daniel Ingram) | Symphonic Metal

Here we go for another up-to-date cover from Rockin’Brony, showcasing such vocal talent as well as a complete Symphonic Metal rearrangement of the epic and emotional Open Up Your Eyes! Much emotion to be had once more in this splendid cover, amping up the power of the chorus with blissful guitars, strings, and vocals from Rockin’Brony!


Eurobeat Brony – Luna (Knife Pony Remix) | Big Room House

Coming back after more than a year, Knife Pony brings us their take on a classic! Bigroom has always had an infamous reputation but this remix has an excellent groove and vibe to it, and a sprinkling of future bounce vibes here and there add to the atmosphere and bring out a side to ‘Luna’ I wouldn’t have expected but most certainly am glad to have heard!


Night Symphony – The Elements of Harmony | Orchestral / Soundtrack

Night Symphony’s masterpiece, The Elements of Harmony is a musical gallery taking you through many sights and historical events of Equestria, and all while ravishing ears and soul alike with gorgeous compositions and melodies. From the Pillars, to the Tree of Harmony, to the reign of the sisters leading to the fateful event of the uprising of Nightmare Moon, the 16-minutes track delivers varied themes expressed wonderfully with great musical talent. Not to mention the sudden arrival of the God of Chaos – with such a splendid proggy composition to back him up!


[P@D] Seventh Element – Remaining Ichor | Orchestral / IDM

The mix between the orchestral/classical and the IDM/modern sounds make this Seventh Element track one of the best coming from the Enigma album, reminding me of other 7th songs like Shadows and Tetrahedral Memoir, Remaining Ichor looks like a continuation of this song, because in my head and with the amazing capacity of Seventh doing amazing concept albums, I think that more songs, and 7th would release a concept album full of orchestral idm! Remaining Ichor is one of the many proofs that the brony community has talented musicians and are able to experiment with various sounds and textures, creating sound landscapes, waves of pure abstractism! The way the classical sounds change into an electronic sound  it’s simply amazing. If I could say, Seventh Element is like the Boards of Canada and Venetian Snares son, with Godspeed You! Black Emperor beeing the close uncle. Result? Pretty good music.
Download Enigma on the bandcamp near you or something.


Radiarc – Here we are | Chillout / Hybrid Orchestral

“And here we’ll be, until life brings us elsewhere.”
Polishing up this elegant and laid back piece, Radiarc gives us a soothing perspective of life through song. I’ve always been amazed at what comes from this artist, the fine details and atmosphere painted; melding together ethnic, jazz, orchestral, and electronic elements to create something organic, alive. I find myself lost and thinking back on the hardships faced in life up until this point. Yet I’m still here. We’re still here. Through joy, through sadness, reminiscence, and hope we carry on. As our stories continue, just beyond the horizon.


Night Symphony – Pony of the Night | Soundtrack

This new piece from Night Symphony may be shorter than 2 minutes in duration, it is still mighty impressive and displays such progressive and melodic aspects that make it very similar to Soundtrack (for example OST from J-RPG games). A proof that you can do a lot in a short track duration, Pony of the Night blows us away with a progression between melodic parts on piano, strings, and organ. There’s even epic choruses backing up the melodies for an emotional result much fitting to the theme, as well as a drums accompaniment that brings variety to the orchestral arrangement and that is definitely reminiscent of Soundtrack. A little, sparkling gem of a track!