TCB & Ditherer – The Closet Anthology | Album | Hip-Hop

This is an album that deserves thousands of posts! Our dear pony musicians TCB and Ditherer teamed up for the loveliest of results: a 15-tracks Hip-Hop album brimming with passion toward ponies and episodes! Why, Ditherer imagined so many rich and deep backstories and headcanon to ponies, wrote a lot of amazing and thoughtful lyrics about them, and sang them in all those themed songs! That’s a lot of pony passion and dedication and I LOVE it! Equally dedicated to the cause, TCB did amazing as well with so many instrumentals that truly shine, both in themselves and in accompaniment of the vocals, and if you know TCB you just know they have that special emotion that we get from TCB’s music and unique creativity. Each of the tracks has something special, much emotion, and a lot of love and passion to express toward ponies, but let’s mention Schism of Years about that fateful fight between the two sisters and its aftermath, In Loco Parentis about a deeper-than-ever Trixie, Farewell to Spring about Roseluck, Death in the Afternoon about Berry Punch’s drinking problems and relationships, Multiple Choice about the events of the S5 finale, and so, so many others that have so much in store for you. Grab it all from Ditherer’s Bandcamp, or listen to each track individually from Ditherer’s YouTube channel!


The Shake Ups In Ponyville – Graduation Day | Power Pop

Never stop learning! …Unless you’re Applejack and were right all along, of course! Our beloved Shake Ups are paying tribute to our community and the roads traveled together, appreciating the show and all those positive messages and lessons, and spreading them around us. Their signature musical style does wonders once again, and for the lucky ones attending Chicagoland’s Whinny City Pony Con, know that you’ll get the chance to see them perform live! They’ll have a gig on the evening of Saturday the 6th and the morning of Sunday the 7th, more details here!


SDreamExplorerS – Oblivion Highway | Prog Rock / Prog Metal

Here we are with the first single from Ephemeral II: Parallels. Right from the opening seconds this song captivated me with its foreboding atmosphere and intriguing instrumentation. There is A LOT going on here from complex melodies to intricate and subtle percussive elements. The Oblivion Highway is a journey to our past across the the land of memories. You can feel the mood progress throughout as we visit some of life’s more pleasant memories, our vivid recollections, times of joy, and times we wish to forget. The album releases on May 1, 2019 and if you like intricate story telling through song, this is the album for you!


Totalspark – Call Your Name (feat. Synthis & SDreamExplorerS) | Pop / Chillout

Paying tribute to the fanfic and TwiDash classic A Bluebird’s Song, Sparky gathered with other talented musicians and familiar faces to make Call Your Name, a pure beauty of a track! It has got everything that you could expect from such an amazing lineup, with Sparky’s Chillout tendency and sensibility, Synthis‘ incredible and emotional vocals, and Soul‘s soft and tender guitar performance!