Chiptune Brony – The Riches of Abyssinia | Soundtrack

A new wonderful OST-like field theme for a location from the official comics following Heart of Thicket, The Riches of Abyssinia from Chiptune Brony is mysterious and magical, bringing much emotion in a special way with those melodies and instruments, reminiscent of field BGMs when exploring places in games. A gem for sure!


Seventh Element – In Her Mind | Album | Breakcore / IDM

It’s time to dive deep into another exquisite dark concept experience from Seventh Element! With no less than 15 chapters of an associated full-fledged story on Fimfiction, the album brings forth many dark musical wonders all themed around a mysterious story about Twilight that the musician imagined. The album is also available as Physical CDs on Bandcamp! And one of the tracks from it, Visions, is playing at the Cider Party right now!


PrinceWhateverer & Djohn Mema – I’m Not Gay (feat. Sable Symphony) | Metal

There’s not only serious and deep songs that get made in the community, but also light-hearted and hilarious pieces like this awesome collab from PrinceWhateverer, Djohn Mema and Sable Symphony! Still showcasing much quality, the track brings some rocking spirit along the hilariously questionable lyrics, and it’s so lovely seeing the three lads gathering for such shenanigans, along a cover art by Dino Horse and typography by MokeDoesThings!


JoyStar – Equestrian Medley ~ Piano Tribute to My Little Pony Friendship is Magic | Piano Solo

JoyStar has brought us a beautiful piano rendition as tribute to MLP:FiM! The show we all love and enjoy. I am not going to hide the fact that this tribute has brought some massive emotions out of me. It fills me with nostalgia, pride, and excitement each time I hear the melodies that we cherished through the years. It makes me so damn proud to be a Brony! Thank you JoyStar, you have brought alot of joy indeed!