NeoN & Xavi – Penumbra (Agents of Discord Remix) | Breakbeat

Now this is cool! Agents of Discord took a bangin track by NeoN and Xavi and flipped it on its head giving us a shuffled and underground take on the original. The flow and energy in this is incredibly smooth, yet crisp and evolves and progresses very well over its decisively short length. Another thing to note, I absolutely adore remixes that take the time to reconstruct and expand on the original song while using very few, if any stems from the original itself, lots of love and time were poured into this and it shows!


MirroredReality – Sunset Dreams | Tropical House

Relax at the beach with Sunset thanks to MirroredReality and this aptly themed Tropical House treat! Coconut trees and calming waves are all evoked by the instrumental, and thinking about Sunset while listening to it makes the moment even more powerful!


MelodyBrony – A Song About Sweetie Bot (feat. Luck Rock) | Punk Rock

Come and get that tasty rock sound everypony! It will never get old, and MelodyBrony had such an awesome idea here with this tribute to Sweetie Bot, delving into all the deep themes associated with that fanmade character. What’s more, the awesome Luck Rock got invited to play the bass! I love to see such musical collabs in the community, it feels just like friends in the neighborhood going into each other’s garage to jam and write songs together! Keep it up guys, much love!


Shining Mane – A Tribute To FIM | Orchestral

Shining Mane’s last tribute under that alias and form (he was actually a changeling! plot twist) is a beautiful Orchestral composition of 7 minutes that was written with the heart. It expresses much love for the show and all that it has brought us, and hopefully we’ll hear more from Princess Twibug/Shining Mane under a brand new Equestrian form soon!

Note: Since the original video got deleted, you may find the MP3 file of the song here.


4EverfreeBrony – Light & Darkness (feat. Odyssey Eurobeat) | Rock / Acoustic

4EB & Odyssey da Homies teamed up for a Beautiful duet track about our beloved Princess ponies, combining two Beautiful Entities (and songs literally) to create a symphony so super sweet and heartwarming! This track is the living Evidence that the Light & Darkness need each other. As they both embrace us, and help us. Even we ways we don’t see, hear, or understand. But we feel them. That’s what matters. I hope y’all enjoy these Acoustics as I did! Great work guys!


Djohn Mema & Metal Core Pony – Arrhythmia | Metalcore

When I first read the title I was amazed. Metalcore Pony and Djohn in the same track?! Only quality music would come from this duo. The subject of the song is also something really deep, dealing with our disablities. This time is arrhythmia. It could be any other disease or difficulty.
The song itself is amazing, I love how the atmospheric and raw/angry elements mix together, it gives the song a blackned sound. The screams are well done, and the mixing is pretty good. This song is a treat if you like atmospheric and etheral metalcore. A thing that is very present in Converge’s songs.