Koron Korak & Dr Haystack Science – Rap Fallenpain (feat. Romeo Nightinamare) | Hip-Hop

A very cool initiative, Koron and friends made this Hip-Hop song about a private joke while rapping in French and taking inspiration from the band StupĂ©flip, and the result is quite addictive! You can just imagine ponies doing shady business as the song unfolds and it’s so funny!


Equestria Electric Symphony Orchestra – Vannamelon | Classic Rock / Classic Pop

A brony’s love cannot be stopped, may it be toward ponies or fellow bronies/pegasisters! Moon Flame sings his heart out once more in this very lovely piece made in tribute to Vannamelon, and the blissful Classic Rock vibes are doing wonders along the very cute lyrics and vocals!


Daniel Ingram – Becoming Popular (Cyan Lightning Remix) | House

Such a very welcome remix of Rarity’s song Becoming Popular that Cyan Lightning presents us here, with much jazzy vibes fitting to the theme from the original song and the Canterlot atmosphere! A real gem, and a wonderful gift to Rarity! And not only the track, but the vector of Rarity in the video was drawn by Cyan Lightning himself, based on a sketch by Aureai!


Seventh Element – In Her Mind | Album | Breakcore / IDM

It’s time to dive deep into another exquisite dark concept experience from Seventh Element! With no less than 15 chapters of an associated full-fledged story on Fimfiction, the album brings forth many dark musical wonders all themed around a mysterious story about Twilight that the musician imagined. The album is also available as Physical CDs on Bandcamp! And one of the tracks from it, Visions, is playing at the Cider Party right now!


PrinceWhateverer & Djohn Mema – I’m Not Gay (feat. Sable Symphony) | Metal

There’s not only serious and deep songs that get made in the community, but also light-hearted and hilarious pieces like this awesome collab from PrinceWhateverer, Djohn Mema and Sable Symphony! Still showcasing much quality, the track brings some rocking spirit along the hilariously questionable lyrics, and it’s so lovely seeing the three lads gathering for such shenanigans, along a cover art by Dino Horse and typography by MokeDoesThings!