[P@D] MEQA & Arturo Höst – Amniomorphic Spell | Neurohop / IDM

Hot off the press from Ponies at Dawn: Skyward, we have been gifted with a mesmerizing piece. Opening with a very chill and laid back mood with subtle intricacies and an excellent sound stage there is an air of regal intelligence that is buttery smooth and by contrast the switchup in the song’s climax to Neurohop is down surprisingly well and hits home very hard and heavy while still blending in the atmospheric vibes of the rest of song. Excellent job MEQA and Arturo! Definitely a highlight of the album in my eyes!


The Experimental Bronies & – Out of Limit 4: The Philosophy of Time | Compilation Album | Experimental

The Experimental Bronies have once again teamed up with to release their fourth entry in the Out of Limit project! There is plenty of interesting and unique tunes by several artists in this one ranging from more ambient and mysterious tracks to dark and filthy tracks as well as some good ol’ hardcore tracks. Viricide Filly’s track, Seconds Into Centuries, I Let My Hair Grow was one of my favourites and I go more in detail with it in the above post, however there are many other cool gems such as Smallish Season by Detra x Danger, which is a very intriguing and groovy twist on lo-fi and hip hop-esque music while Tripon’s Cascade is a very energetic and complex neurofunk style track with their signature style with some complex sampling and abstract design decisions that make for a refreshing listen. All in all if you’re tired of hearing the ‘same old, same old’ and looking for something odd and refreshing, has just what you are looking for!


[Equinity] GrazySmash – Magic Energy | Psytrance

Where do I begin with this absolute banger from the new Equinity album? GrazySmash is relatively new to the brony music scene, but man, is he smashing his way in! The bass in this track absolutely drives the whole thing, keeping the listener moving and grooving, wishing it would never end. Someone said the fandom needs more psytrance, and suddenly, here we are. All in all? Stellar. Can’t wait for more from this wonderful artist.


Daniel Ingram – Lotta Little Things (Toby Macarony Remix) | Electro / Ragtime

Only a day had passed from the airing of this episode before Toby came in with a very sweet and fun take on its song! This time with a swingy, ragtime vibe coupled with very punchy and groovy percussion. This remix does a lotta little things; so-to-speak to really bring out a new vibe on an already great track and is refreshing to have a little pizzazz and flare shine through even more!


[P@D] GhostXb – Burning Wings | Hybrid Orchestral

Music and the world around us. That really comes to mind for my self as I listen to this. P@D offers so much fandom music from across the world or world influences at that. GhostXb composes something very worldly in the atmosphere here. Some Jazz saxophone mixed with a mandolin. Smooth piano tones with some soft choir vocals. You feel like your an Equestria pony walking into a welcoming experience in a far off land. There is so much mixed together very well. Picture this, your one of the princesses visiting a new country. They sit you down and a bunch of dancers and musicians perform this for you to make you feel welcomed. I really enjoyed all of the epic ingredients that this tune is made of. [Art by Plainoasis]


Ataraxia – Starlight (Moving On) | Indie Pop

(You can hear Ataraxia’s Album “Lost and Found” Here )

When it comes to Starlight Glimmer. She is a character forever struggling with herself. Starlight (Moving On) paints that picture very well. My first time hearing Ataraxia filled my head with such an emotional scene. The melody has this feeling of sadness, anger, sorrow, challenges, happiness, fear and courage. The lyrics tell this story of Starlight looking at all of this at last. Dealing with it, she’s ready to just move on with her life for better or worse. Ataraxia has this amazing and soothing voice that makes this song come together. The piano solo at the end is a fitting end to it.

I love this song. I can see Starlight walking the path of her life, looking closely at where she has been, and what she has done up to this point. It is this feeling of hope – Starlight has found hope. You don’t even have to like Starlight to even enjoy this song, which you should definitely go listen right now!


Francis Vace – Molt | Ska

The fandom’s leading purveyor of pony ska is back with the kind of charm and humor that only Francis Vace could write. Molt is a silly telling of the process that gave Spike wings, told from his first-dragon perspective. This upbeat and catchy track features a back and forth of traditional organ and brass ska sections and the more pop punk themed choruses. Whether it’s the electric guitars, the bouncy organ, or Vace’s unmistakable vocals, this song will have you grooving along!


Osoch – Discord (Covering Eurobeat Brony [Tombstone Remix]) | Metal

Warning: Profanity, degeneration, and perhaps worst of all…memes.

Of all the things that exist in the fandom, this is one of them. Never one to shy away from the strange, Osoch memes on the old days and The Living Tombstone with this exceptional metal track. Using TLT’s remix as a base, the very talented guitarist layers an excellent metal instrumental over the classic hit. There’s a lot going on here and you just have to check it out for yourself to understand.


Heartsong – Celestia’s Ballad ~ Music Box Lullaby | Music Box

New lovely release from musician of heartfelt compositions Heartsong, and it’s a continuation of the previous music box cover of I’ll Fly! This time it’s the very moving Celestia’s Ballad, and the music box arrangement is just perfect for it, giving such renewed emotion, and nostalgic OST vibes in some way too! But the fact that I use to appreciate the musician’s Soundtrack pieces a lot may help with that, hehe!


Nyancat380 – Rappin’ | Moombahcore

Now this is a fun one! This is a remix of The Wonderbolts Rap that took me by surprise! A genre I haven’t heard much in recent years, its veeery refreshing to here some straight, and solid Moombahcore. Nyancat has done a very good job here capturing the groove of the original while adding some intense flare with some complex vocal splices and fun gritty basslines. This will be a treat for many and I’m looking forward to see what else they have in store!