Rusty – Always be there | Indie Pop

Rusty has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. They have such a notable vibe and style to all of their releases and ‘Always be there’ is definitely another example. A happy upbeat tune with a simpler yet lovely sound; This one is actually about solving problems. More specifically about unhappiness and hope. Rusty’s vocals are on point as always and there are always some fun little quips to look forward to with their storytelling.


Spiral Harmonies – Ponyville’s Incident | Soundtrack

If you’ve watched BrutalWeather’s recent pony animation Ponyville’s Incident, you may have noticed the awesome BGM if you have an ear for OST music! Well it was actually composed by another member of our community, Spiral Harmonies, and here’s the standalone upload of the BGM! You can feel the musician’s talent in the impressive composition, and it’s definitely a perfect match for the animation!


Reverbrony – Relentless | Metal

Sometimes you don’t need something grand to be badass. This is quite simply just some classic metal guitar work. This shows the point with Reverbrony just laying those sweet hard chords down. Music that makes you want to do something awesome. This is the kind of metal music I would throw a pair of headphones on and it relentlessly gets the job done. The kind of music that would play if the royal sisters were done playing games with their enemies.


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 9 Trailer Theme (Lorris Edit) | Orchestral

It definitely has been a ride, huh? Who would have thought how far we would have gone ten years ago? What started as a joke on a forum board has blossomed into something truly magical and the raw talent, creativity, and quality that came with it will never be replaced. The trailer to the final season for My Little Pony Friendship is Magic had a heart wrenching rendition of the main theme of the show which Lorris has decided to take a step further with an Orchestral edit to flesh out that emotion and help envision our trip down memory lane. I absolutely love what he did here and this will truly take you back to where it all began!


[Out Of Limit 4] Viricide Filly – Seconds Into Centuries, I Let My Hair Grow | Downtempo / Experimental

From’s hottest compilation to date, Viricide has submitted their prowess for plucky, glitchy ambiances with this track. This one is not for the weak of heart! Soothing, yet harsh; loose, yet constricted. The passage of time is a complex one and this track is full of little intricacies and design choices that really showcase what is all about! Don’t forget to check out the rest of Out of Limit 4: The Philosophy of Time for more abstract and interesting songs, trust me, its really worth the time!


Rarity Advocate – Until the End of Time | Orchestra

[Advocate said that pianos had to be better than the original upload. You can decide for yourself by clicking here]
Orchestral music at its very core can tell you a narrative by evoking your emotions and your imagination. Rarity Advocate’s somber tone explains the message that the story of our beloved mane 6 is nearing the end. The composition and composer of the melodies tell this tale through gorgeous use of a piano & violin. I can picture this scene where the mane 6 and spike are walking a road, Canterlot then comes up in the horizon as they get closer. I can see the pretty land of Equestria in all its colors like a painting making this much richer. Twilight and her friends are taking a walk towards her crowning as the new ruler of Equestria. And do this as best friends until the end of time. I ask you, my fellow bronies, what do you picture as you listen to this?


Daniel Ingram – You’re In My Head Like a Catchy Song (Odyssey Eurobeat’s Lovers Mix) (feat. Jessa) | Eurobeat

It’s 2019. The final season is halfway done. Our fandom is questioning was will happen after its all over? Let the legend himself Eurobeat Brony tell you then. Brony music will live on, and he is still doing what he loves. His dedication to this fandom should still give you hope. He shows no signs of his love going away, remixing one of fandom’s most beloved songs of Applejacks parents ballad of love to each other. Using those amazing eurobeat melodies and some electric guitar, the pace is fun and just right! The lyrics still give you a wonderful feeling in your body. You should grab that special somepony of yours, dance with them, the meaning doesn’t change.

What an amazing take on this song! It’s different from what most of his songs are known for. By reinventing and showing off more of his musical arsenal, it is a clear sign that Odyssey is still challenging himself. It’s a nice tribute to Daniel’s work! Travis buddy keep doing your thing and setting a standard for your love for MLP!


BlueBrony – Yona Sing Sad Song | Lo-fi

Anytime BlueBrony releases a new track, you never know what you’re going to get – from funk to steampunk pop to orchestral pop to lo-fi, it’s an adventure and a half for your ears! Yona Sing Sad Song is a wonderfully creative take on Yona’s brief tune of depression from “She’s All Yak” put to an amazing soundscape that only BlueBrony could think of! The instrumentation really evolves throughout the course of the track, making it one you definitely need to check out!


Crusader! – Heating Up | Rock

Crusader! returns to his modern rock roots with this tribute to the captain of the Wonderbolts. Using his trademark guitar tones and energetic vocals, Crusader! tells of the amazing prowess of Spitfire and how it heats up any time she’s in the air. Heating Up is a fun track to inject some energy into your day and another great piece in Crusader!’s repertoire.