Evgeniy Doctor – Shards Of Memory EP | Various Genres

A new stunning and complete experience from Evgeniy Doctor, this 4-tracks EP is quite heartfelt as it is a tribute to the impending closing of FiM (but remember, not of MLP nor the community!). Of various genres, the tracks made with love are expressing much emotion, from the Ambient Magia Ex that builds the epic experience to come, to the Psytrance Last Minutes that is almost 8 minutes long, to the deep Voices Of The Past that is a collab with One Track Mind, to a powerful Orchestral finale in Time To Become Infinite. Both very impressive and conveying much feelings, this whole EP is a masterpiece!
Shards Of Memory EP is available from both Bandcamp and Mediafire!


J. Free – Big Mac (AJ Young Remix) (Parody of Boss by Lil Pump) | Hip-Hop

(Warning: Adult Language in lyrics) (Listen to the original here if you so wish)
When it comes to hip-hop. I like my rap to have some kind of a style to it. Listening to my colleague J.Free for the first time. He fits the bill. The delivery of his rhymes is hard, fast and powerful. The newly remixed beat really backs this up with a boost of aggression. The lyrics themselves are full of all kinds of pony puns. His OC daring every creature in the evergreen forest to mess with him, and all Tartarus breaking loose when he shows up a party. This Parody of Lil’ Pump’s boss is kinda wild thanks in part of AJ’s remix of’s original. Fun. smack-talking hip-hop, pony style!  As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[P@D] MEQA – Hydia | Rock / Dubstep

This fandom with their creativity just keeps on blowing my mind. This track by MEQA is a very rock meets techno flavor. It’s hard with a techno punch to it. Its starts out with this classic garage rock. Then the dubstep violently comes in with that sound and does not let up. In between, you got some cool symbol Melody and drum work. Before that hard electric Melody slaps you right the face. P@D is the home the musical diversity of this fandom for a reason. Decide for yourself as I always ask.


Aelipse – The Old and the New | Orchestral

Master Aelipse is back, and looks like they haven’t lost their hooves at making such emotion-inducing, story-telling music! This one is about the beginning of a new chapter for the community, reflected in Twilight having to say goodbye to Golden Oak while planting the seeds of a bright future. Definitely a masterful and emotional composition, showing the extent of Aelipse’s talent once again!


dBPony – Risk | Hard Rock

For this first time in four years. DBPONY come speeding back into the fandom’s music scene. Another first time listening for myself. The song itself comes with a very wise life message. It’s very easy to look at your life and feel that you’re stuck. Feeling complacent. Many in this fandom felt like that before we found something like wonderful brightly colored ponies. Feeling lost until this fandom made us feel found. The fast hard rock that pounds this track sends a message. “Got for it. Take a chance.” Because you never know until you try. I can honestly say taking a chance on this fandom has brought so much joy into many of our lives. A very nice return track from DBpony. As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself for this song.


Narokath – Dead Wings of Grace | Album | Progressive Metal / Orchestral

An interesting concept album, coming from the swedish one-man-band Narokath. An album telling a double story between two worlds: an individual and personal point of view about life and feelings about it, where each listener is invited to do their own understandings of it and a story set in a darker world of Equestria.

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Toby Macarony – Pinkie’s Bakin’ Rhapsody | Breakbeat/Jazz

There is brony music. Then there’s brony music in terms of one Toby Macarony. My first taste of his flavor of creative insanity. I got to hand to him. Why was brain saying to me, “What the hay did I just listen too? DrakeEmberHeart’s brain must reboot!” I understand this, this being a Pinkie Pie song. Its all kinds of musical ingredients bending together. It’s random, just like her. BUT is baked all together and comes out all soo sweet and full of smiles. He has some ragtime, breakcore, jazz, acoustic, chiptune, hardcore. I found this perfect for someone like Pinkie. As always this Qilin lets you be the judge about this song.


Hay Tea – Finally | French House / Nu-Disco

Hay Tea doing French House? Well, this is new for me! An incredible and amazing surprise! The sampling work was really well done, like every time Hay Tea does, the artist always delivers top tier quality sampling work. And the design of the sound is also amazing, the groove makes me want to go a 80’s rave and jam with everyone there or go to a Daft Punk concert hehe!

Hay Tea, keep doing great music, I’m loving it!


Nyancat380 – 7H3 F473 0F FLU773R5HY | Uptempo Hardcore

OMG! This song bangs hard! Nyancat380 bring us an amazing song, a high bpm song, Sampling Fluttershy’s quotes, the artist uses high distorted kicks and an minimal use of synths, since the distortion of the kicks give the harmony of the song, even though chaotic, a thing I love in this. The sound effects used here are also soo good and the breakdowns between aggressive moments are also pretty good.
Nyancat380, an artist in ascension! I can’t wait to have your tracks in the Pinkamena Party lineup!