[ASOS] Cynifree & Reverbrony – Void Walker | Synth Rock

Another Cynifree track? I’ll take it. Track 35 from ASOS: Waffle is a collab between the aforementioned Cynifree and Reverbrony. What follows is a six minute long 80s style electronic piece with the addition of a distorted guitar provided by Reverb as the finishing touch to an already great piece. If these two were to work together in the future after this, I’d be down to see it!


Alexey Kotlyar – Twidance | Orchestral / Soundtrack

A very cute track from Alexey, this Twilight-themed Orchestral beauty also has some Soundtrack vibes, as it would make such a fine BGM to have playing during a light-hearted, “Twilight being cute” scene in some RPG game. The various instruments and the melodies are paying much tribute to Twilight and “Twidance” is such an apt name for this song!


7th Stive – Skylight | Drum & Bass / Breakbeat

A rich and deep soundscape is awaiting you in this track that definitely is savored best with headphones. The Applejack vocal samples along that Limestone cover art is making me wonder if this wouldn’t be about the events of that episode when Applejack visited the rock farm for Hearth’s Warming and screwed up. The tasty bass and clean beats will keep you grooving that’s for sure!


Frozen Night – Thorn of The Frozen Star | Album | Orchestral / Metal

Breathtaking, astonishing, mesmerizing. The superlatives are lacking to describe this majestic album.
If you decide to embark on this journey Frozen Night has crafted for us, you will be hearing the incredible fusion of orchestral and metal we know and love him for. Half of the tracks include gorgeous lyrics sung by the equally gorgeous voice of Velvet R. Wings.
Each piece is a chapter of a well thought-out story which you will be able to discover in the document that comes with the album, along artwork accompanying every track and detailed explanations. It tells the tale of a kirin trying to save her kin from a looming threat of olden times. Zenith is about an epic fight between the protagonist and her nemesis, told with creative sound design exploring different electronic elements, all while empowering Velvet’s extraordinary operatic singing. Thorn of The Frozen Star creates spellbinding soundscapes throughout the track which has multiple phases including ones of respite with heartbreaking melodic percussion and the absolutely stunning climax with the guitars and strings working in unison to create a memorable experience. The album closes on a beautifully emotional ethereal piece centered around a piano and strings.
Together with Radiarc they coordinated their respective album releases to be simultaneous, and you should check out Radiarc’s album too, and remember physical copies of Thorn of The Frozen Star are available!


Daniel Ingram – Light of Your Cutie Mark (Sam Quak Brony Remix 2) | Melodic Dubstep

Sam Quak Brony builds upon his original remix of Light of Your Cutie Mark with this VIP. The atmosphere at the top of the song feels fresher and more ethereal, the chiptunes (and the mix in general) are sharpened, the first drop’s leads are more evocative, and the second’s dubstep growls are even more ferocious. Sam Quak doesn’t have too many subscribers at the moment, so don’t let this killer remix fly under your radar, bassheads!


Seventh Element – Nasty Dreams | Bassline

Nasty Dreams is a dazzling bassline track coming from Seventh Element. This aggressive bassline comes packed with a funky intro, followed by 808 rims, dreamlike vocal samples, and hi-hats weaving themselves in and out of the garage-like kick and snare. And of course, the meat, the mountainous and sweeping lines of the deep saw bass backed by nasty subs provides its frenzied element. Don’t miss out on the interlude, a breakdown of sampled and harmonically stacked synths, until the final bars of the last drop, reminding you of this song’s rave-like nature.


Black Electric and SDreamExplorerS – Marionette (Lianella Stilson Remix) | Metalstep

Metal and EDM aren’t two genres that crossover all that often, but it seems like those who make it happen know how to do it right. Lianella Stilson’s Remix of the SDreamExplorerS‘ cover of Black Electric‘s Marionette combines the heavy guitars and crushing vocals from Dream with synthetic drums and low basslines. This is Lianella’s first release since Fireworks from February of this year, and what a way to return this is.


John Doe – Stroll | Soundtrack

John Doe returns to the soundtrack fold with the 2nd track from the recently released EP, White Tail Park. Keeping in spirit with Legends Of Equestria’s themes, this song primarily uses string and wind instruments you’d find in a typical orchestra. The general feeling of the song is calm and steady, with the faint sound of birds chirping to further fuel the atmosphere of taking a walk outside. Halfway through sees the addition of a wooden-sounding xylophone, which gives a sense of adventure. A great addition to an already great game!