Flutter Rex – Pink Lick (Checkerëd Remix) | FuturePsy

It seems Checkerëd has a knack for remixing some really old but gold MLP fan tunes! Pink Lick is one of them, and their remix of the Flutter Rex original really changes things up! Checkerëd’s version has a faster pace and lots of trippy synthlines, including a unique trap beat as a soft supplement between the heavier bits. Prepare for the bass!


DAϟH – Equestrian Terror | Gabber

Don’t let the rickety rhythms of the introductory ambience scare you, for this mad gabber piece takes on the literal meaning of Hardcore music. This piece also incorporates samples from multiple classic pony animations, such as the Rainbow Dash Presents series from Dawn Somewhere, and the .mov series from hotdiggedydemon. DAϟH makes this track a very good opener and title track for his and Payyn’s album Equestrian Terror: An Introduction. The album also includes songs from DAϟH such as Blood Moon in the Everfree, Dream Demon, and Deadline Darling.


Koron Korak & StableTwoStallion – Ein Funkeln im Zwielicht | Industrial Metal

Who would’ve guessed these two would come together to create something fantastic? Ein Funkeln im Zwielicht is an industrial metal collab about Twilight Sparkle featuring StableTwoStallion‘s signature Rammstein-influenced vocal delivery in German while Koron plays drums and even the digeridoo at one point. Fantastic composition skills on display here from these two. Hope to see more collabs from them in the future!


Koa – To The Nines | Album | Pop / Electronic

Buckle up kids because this album is a must-have and has a little bit of everything! Koa started making a big splash on the scene last year with her hit single To The Nines and the full album follow-up named after the track packs all of the flashy and catchy tunes you would hope! The nine-song set contains several fantastic originals with a couple of excellent choice covers in the mix. Several popular fandom musicians appear over the course of the album including General Mumble, PegasYs, ShobieShy, and Luck Rock. While each song on this album is great and memorable in its own, here are just a few highlights:

Talk to Me – the light, ukulele-centered opening track has a very warm and welcoming message. With hints of pop-bass, a bit of chip-tune, and some humor, this song sets the stage for the personality that grows throughout the rest of the album.

Take Off – This electropop hit takes inspiration and impressively-mixed vocal chops from Hurricane Fluttershy. The theme is Rainbow Dash getting the pegasi in shape, and is set to a very catchy workout beat.

JFJF – This sassy track takes aim at people see a pair together and make blanket assumptions about the nature of the relationship. An interesting take on the concept of friendship, PegasYs lends his void to this upbeat bop and explains sarcastically and humorously how two people can be Just Friends, Just Fine.

Second Best – A very emotional and deep piece centered around a gorgeous, melodic piano riff, Koa explores the deep emotions of a dejected Great and Powerful Trixie. With supporting vocals from Luck Rock and ShobieShy (who provides a sick rap as well!), Koa really hits hard to anyone who has ever suspected others just want them to disappear.


Luck Rock – I Can Have Mr. Cake (And Eat Him Too) (Feat. General Mumble) | Acoustic

This is our very own Luck Rock’s first release in nearly a year, and what better way to celebrate than with a Valentine’s Day piece alongside General Mumble? I Can Have Mr. Cake is a funny track about Mrs. Cake’s infatuation with her husband, using imagery and puns centered around baking and sweet treats to describe how much she loves her, making the whole thing lovely as well as funny. Those puns are to die for!


Raven Horn – My Friends | Chillwave

Never forget who your friends are. My Friends is an emotional piece from Raven Horn, showcasing some glitzy and melancholy synths set to clips of Twilight from the show talking about her friends and listing them off. The instrumentation is slow and chilled out, having a nostalgic and longing feeling to it while the minimal drum sounds keep the beat strong. A small glimpse into the mind of Twilight Sparkle many years later!


MC-Arch – Oathkeeper | Hip-hop

Arch has returned with a teaser for his upcoming album, You Got Me, I Got Us 2 – Our Brave New World! Oathkeeper is a powerful track dedicated to the fandom, much like Solidarity and the recently released Life Outside. Arch delivers lyrical themes about sticking together and helping one another through struggle with conviction and passion – which is something he’s always excelled at – while backed by an electronic beat with soft and heavy dynamics that eventually builds up to some typical yet strong dubstep wubs in between his verses. Be on the lookout for YGMIGU2!


PrinceWhateverer – Betrayer | Metalcore

Ready for some heavy Prince goodness? Track 13 from his third album REIMAGINE is Betrayer, the third in a series called Luna’s Caps Lock! Easily the heaviest track on the album, the song builds up with a distorted drum and synth line before briefly stopping and jumping into a speedy and heavy section that annihilates everything in its path. The lyrics showcase Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker in a “we’re not so different, you and I” situation, and PW’s harsh vocals – which have never sounded better – perfectly represent Luna’s feelings towards the latter. Can’t go wrong with a bit of heaviness every now and then!