Mr. A.M. – Vinyl’s Wake (AWal Remix) | UK Hardcore

(Listen to Mr. A.M’s/Reil Tunez Original here)
This would be a pretty good example of a remix that’s night and day from the original Mr. A.M. who now goes by Reil Tunez song was a deep and prowling threat level of a banger. This however turns that up with fast but simple beats that adds an enjoyable pace making more of  a high energy boost . Both songs remind you of the different moods of Vinyl. One would be she is putting on a show in an upscale Canterlot club. The other is Vinyl’s house party style. With her loud boosting, and over the top fun with her vocal chops making sure its a good time for everypony. Enjoy these bangers for yourself. It’s a good effort from AWal with fun music. This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


2 thoughts on “Mr. A.M. – Vinyl’s Wake (AWal Remix) | UK Hardcore

  1. awalwp says:

    Thanks for the feature peeps. Much love. ♥

    The original song itself has the title “Vinyl’s Wake VIP” in this case as there is in fact a VIP mix of Vinyl’s Wake that Reil made some time ago, as Mr. A.M. The VIP mix had strong dark undertones complimented with a Dubstep style, giving it a more intense immersion than the House style original mix.

    From what I’ve seen in the fandom, artists tend to perceive Vinyl’s music to either have an intense Dubstep/Brostep styling to it or an energetic Hard Dance/Hardcore styling, so I figured giving this Dubstep song the proper UKHC treatment would be a great approach to a remix.

    Also, none of this would’ve been possible if Reil didn’t give me the opportunity to remix his song, so I am immensely grateful for this opportunity.

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    • To be completely honest, I thought of remaking that VIP because, from the first time I created it, it was rushed and I think I could’ve done a better job making that VIP. To simply put it forward, the contest was originally for the first mix of Vinyl’s Wake.

      Either way, it’s a good remix, AWal. Great work! 😀


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