[Equinity] NeverLastStanding – Your Friend (Whirly Tail Remix) | Happy Hardcore

(Listen to the Neverlaststanding’s Original here)
You know my friend Whirly Tail is the kind of musician that seems to be full of surprises. Somehow he took a song like” Your Friend”. Then he found a way to remix it to be even happier for Equinity 01: Stellar. The original was full of light hearted feelings and energy of the fandom itself. Whirly then upped the tempo. Adds some deep pounding bass and what I like to call digital bongo’s. He slows the sound down in breaks then break backs into the energy of meaning “a true true friend indeed”. It’s a lovely remix that has all the feels of the original with his own brand of happiness and trust me HE’s a happy GUY!. I expect nothing less from a goof ball like Whirly Tail but guy with talent also. As always this Qilin asks you for judge for yourself.


Altius Volantis – Winter Is Coming | Hybrid Orchestal

Prepare yourselves, everypony! Winter is coming! Altius Volantis’ latest track is the official anthem for the Snowfall Ponymeet of 2020, located in Poland. The song starts out with an orchestral intro that builds up before culminating with Twilight announcing that Winter is on the way. We’re then thrust into another build up, this one mostly consisting of electronic synths and drums, eventually ending with a wind sound along with some bells, giving the track a really Wintery feeling.


Blackened Blue – Self-Titled EP | Metal

Another genre within the fandom that needs more love is talented hard rock and metal musicians within the fandom. You have your guys like PrinceWhateverer and Cyril the Wolf. There is so much more out there for everyone to check out. Like this dude from the UK. Fellow colleague Blackened Blue. He put his best hoof forward in his first official EP featuring 5 tracks of pure heavy metal goodness.

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MirroredReality – Kirin | Psytrance

MirroredReality returns with their first track of the year: a piece about the Kirin, aptly titled… Kirin. It’s a psytrance track with plenty of tribal elements that fit their little tribe perfectly well. Ambient nature noises, orchestral instruments and tribal drums are added into the mix, making for a unique change of pace from typical trance music. The part in the middle is especially noteworthy, right from the soft breakdown to the reintroduction of EDM elements. This track will make you feel relaxed yet bouncy at the same time!


Ocean Melody – Of Love and Devotion | Orchestral

Let’s let some love out into the air, shall we? Of Love and Devotion is a purely relaxing orchestral piece that serves as a tribute to the Princess of Love while also being a late Valentine’s Day gift. While a slow track with mainly strings and an oboe leading it, it gives off peaceful vibes, fitting as the soundtrack to the peaceful loving land that is the Crystal Empire.


Kozmos – Underdog (feat. Doodled) | Hip-Hop

He’s not dead yet. Words from the stallion himself. Underdog is Kozmos’ first original track in a year, and along for the ride is Doodled who delivers an extra verse towards the end, and Technickel Ted, the producer of the beat. Both rappers bring forth a braggadocios verse each, also showing that after all this time, Kozzy hasn’t lost his touch. Welcome back to the grind, Koz!


MelodyBrony – Origins (feat. CadetRedShirt) | Pop Punk

We’ve got ourselves the first and title track from MelodyBrony’s debut album, Origins. This track is a speedy rock piece about Starlight Glimmer, with CadetRedShirt providing vocals. The drums hit hard and the overall tone of the guitars suits Cadet’s voice well, like an early Paramore song. MB keeps proving to be one of the fandom’s upcoming heavy stars.


[ASOS] Camelia – Messy Brownie | Complextro

An early preview of the upcoming ASOS: Brownie album. We have a high dose of energy for you all.  Energy that brings you back to the days of playing racing games with your friends in on an weekend! But now rev this up with a taste of Equestria! This also brings into the play the genre known as Complextro a subgenre of electro house. This with the taste of chiptune. You have classic vibe racing on an epic race track with everything on the line, with some pony magic. Special appearance by Tom!. You’ll know it when you hear it in the mix of pony chops. As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.