Omnipony – Dragon Greed (Brilliant Venture’s DnB Drive Mix) | Dubstep / Drum & Bass

Dragon Greed is an old Omnipony song, Brilliant Venture remixed it for their album Legacy : In the Mix, and this is a VIP of this remix that was performed live at HarmonyCon. The magical Rainbow Dash vocal chops from Winter Wrap Up of the original are still here, but Brilliant Venture is spicing it up with some additional ones. The song is made up of two distinct parts sectioned off by a short clip from Secret of My Excess, which inspired the track in the first place. The first part is a classic dubstep banger featuring old school wubs and the second an epic drum & bass section that ends with a sweet melodic segment. As a side note this is an epilepsy warning for the neat visuals of the video, which came out the same day Omnipony posted their first pony song in over five years!

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