[P@D] Cynifree – These Thoughts Of Mine | Midtempo

Ready for some fire? Track 62 from the upcoming Ponies at Dawn album Ignite is These Thoughts of Mine, and hoo boy… Using samples from A Kirin Tale, Cynifree’s latest outing is truly something special. The sound design is truly atmospheric and haunting, turning the original song into a brand new piece of art. He really went out of his comfort zone here, and the result is unbelievable. Be sure to check out Ignite when it releases on May 2nd!


Acouste Wholenote – Stop The Clocks | Alternative Rock

Time seems to slow down when you’re in love, as Stop the Clocks has demonstrated. This soft yet powerful rock track about Lyra and BonBon has plenty of heart in the vocals and guitar, blending acoustic and soft electrics together with finesse. Those loving lyrics will never leave your head!


4everfreebrony – Friends Up Above | Blues Rock

4everfreebrony turns up the feels with this ponification of Brothers In Arms by Dire Straits. Using the all-too familiar theme of Twilight coping with the loss of her friends before her, he sings softly yet with such conviction, backed by an emotional set of pianos and keyboards while practically having a duet with the lead guitar. This also marks the release of his latest album Poni, consisting of ponified versions of popular songs!


MandoPony – Long Way From Equestria (Brilliant Venture & xRILLZEW’s Festival Bootleg) | Melodic Dubstep


Brilliant Venture and xRILLZEW have, as an exclusive bonus track to Brilliant Venture’s album “Legacy: In the Mix”, revoiced an early brony song from the classic duo of MandoPony and AcousticBrony. The two take the original rock piece and infuse it with a base of electronic drums redolent of melodic dubstep. They accompany the melancholic strumming of the original with a medley of faint synth arpeggios and chords. And in a final chorus, they make vocal chops out of the lyrics of the original. The changes in this bootleg create a complex Trip-Hop/Electronica structure that makes this song a unique progressive gem.


Koron Korak – Farewell Cerebre Arkor, Stay Safe | Orchestral

In vein of his last track, Koron Korak’s latest outing is yet another tribute to his late brother Cerebre Arkor, uploaded one year to the day on April 18th. The orchestral motif of the previous track is still here with some added ambient pieces, while string instruments and choirs are the most prominent elements here. The theme of Arkor’s favourite number, five also plays a factor into creating the song, as it sits at a length of 5:55. It’s never easy losing a close one, but cathartic release through music can definitely help.


Blackened Blue – Falling Away | Metal

More pony metal sure thing! Blackened Blue is back with his 2nd single off his EP,in which you can listen to and read my article here. Has anyone ever tried to make a Metal track about Rarity of all ponies? It hasn’t happened much until now. Falling Away is a throwback to  thelate 90’s Thrash and Nu Metal scenes where bands were trying different things and styles. The take very much reminds me of bands like Trust Company. As I said in my article for the EP. This song is about Rarity being trapped in her workaholic ways with very little time for even a trip to get her hooves done or have a girls day out with the other mane 6 when the world is not about to end!. Her frustrations told through blacknend vocals, her emotions through the power of metal!. It’s such a creative take on Rarity that we all can relate too.  This mare works too hard. As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


Ocean Melody – Forever Free | Orchestral

It’s great to see Ocean Melody creating more and more often. Forever Free is their latest piece, and the atmosphere is exactly that: free. Dynamically, its soft and calming with quiet pianos, string and wind instruments taking up centre stage while the ambience resembles nature, like the sound of running water and faint wind. As much as I love the powerful and grandiose songs, the slow burners like this deserve a lot of recognition too.


Steryotype – ’05 EP | Lo-fi

A month after his ’04 EP, Steryotype has released his second EP of the year, as well as the second EP from his Till ’10 EP Collection! Just like the last one, this EP consists of 10 lo-fi tracks with samples taken from old records, mostly from the 60s and 80s. While none of the tracks contain original lyrics, they utilise their samples in a unique fashion, some of which taking on a strong hip-hop influence. My personal favourite tracks are StuffStartinToHitDifferentNowadays, IStartedToCry, DoneWrong and You’veBlessedMeForever; Stuff features a chilled atmosphere while feeling naturally aged, serving as a grand way to open this collection, while the other three combine hip-hop drums with the prominent samples at a perfect balance. In times like these, you’re probably looking for something calm and chilled out. Why not spin this a few times?