[ASOS] LaunchSix – Shrapnel | Riddim

(This Article Co-Written by DrakeEmberHeart and Whirly Tail)

Woooo Hoooo, how about a slight break from my streak of Ponies at Dawn tracks to bring you this fully loaded of a zinger track of a banger from ASOS: Brownie. I’m not alone, I came with my buddy Whirly Tail to do something on his turf. Shrapnel is a such a hard and harsh track. As soon as you start this track, it’s go time. The fight is coming as you feel like you’re about enter a battle. The melody sets that mood until that first drop. The effects of police sirens with harsh and grungy mixing of beats and tones, really gives the sense of a war zone going on, and I really like the how the mixing creates unique elements that sound like a battle is going down. Fans of Fallout Equestra’s own BlackJack will find the song super enjoyable as it based off LaunchSix’s love for the character. But as I said, I did not come alone to this warzone, Whirly Tail! all yours my friend.

Whirly Tail: Thanks, Drake! Oh my GOSH does this track go off!! The intro just gets you primed, moving along to the beat, head bobbin’ away, and BAM, THOSE BASSES JUST TEAR YOU APART!! Don’t even get me STARTED ON THE SECOND DROP, MMM THOSE CLASSIC DISTORTED YOIS, LaunchSix REALLY knows how you get you absolutely RAILING!! mmmm, great job as always, buddy <333 And thank you Drake for working with me on this write-up! I look forward to more from LaunchSix, and I can’t wait for the next installment of ASOS

This was Drake and Whirly of HMH. We both hope you enjoy this track. As always, This Qilin and Whirly One. ask you to judge for yourself.


MrMehster – Holi (Festival of Colours) (Ricardofr-200 Remix) | Synthwave

ricardofr-200’s first attempt at synthwave is a remix of MrMehster’s submission to ASOS: Ice Cream, Holi (Festival of Colors)! The original was a psychedelic trance piece with world-inspired vocal samples and drops, this remix brings it back to the 80s and slows down gradually, fitting the pace of a night time drive. You know a song is good when you can turn it into a completely different style and still make it sound amazing.


[VibePoniez] Voltex Pixel – Yo-Na | Chillstep

Part of VibePoniez’ compilation album Skyscrapers LP, Voltex Pixel’s contribution is a cute and mellow track themed around everypony’s favorite energetic yak, completed awesomely by that cute gif in the video! Time to bliss out to the cuddly and fuzzy vibes!


N. Hollow & Mystic Genesis – Everything | Hip-Hop

Unlocking the skill tree of music production, N. Hollow also invited Mystic Genesis for this fire and dark collab about King Sombra! The song conveys the ominous aura of the MLP villain so well, and we can definitely thank Straight From The Heart for platforming such cool initiatives!


Technickel Pony – Pink’s Boutique | Album | Multi-Genre

Please stop by Pink’s Boutique, they have funky tunes! And please savor this new album from Technickel Pony filled with many musical wonders from over the years, awesomely compiled in one stylish album. From Technickel’s awesome and breezy flip on A Kirin Tale, to songs themed and sampling ponies such as Cheerilee, to various remixes sending love to other pony musicians, the album is packed with blissful sounds and will take you in its groove early on! Check it out!


Rinnie – Chaos & Harmony (Covering Lunar Drift) | Progressive Rock

Long live Prog! Rinnie expanded on Lunar Drift’s love of the genre by covering Chaos & Harmony themed around Discord, and this new interpretation is presenting new progressive wonders and ideas that certainly would make the God of Chaos proud. So glad that Rinnie is covering other brony songs in addition to show songs!!


[P@D] Silva Hound & GrazySmash feat. Forest Rain – Ponies In Flames | Electro House

Brony DJ producer, and legend Silva Hound is once again back for P@D: Ignite with a heart-breaker of a track!. At 34. On the album, Silva brings the pain with the help of one Grazy Smash. A track about the hardship of friends losing each other. Becoming the worst of enemies. Or lovers clashing over the others actions. Forest Rain brings the emotion of pain with her voice that will give you 3rd degree burns at how hot and painful these lyrics are. The beat by both Silva and Grazy really adds to the adversity of the message. Its adds a lot of confusion and anger to how the melody flows, but the mood really changes once Forest starts to sing. The emotion building of the anger of the track to were the anxiety builds until it’s blows up with some emotional bass drops. The track does a pretty good job with the intensity of the meaning without going really crazy. Fine work by the three of them, and a banger to move too. It kinda has that 80’s techno theme with all the neon lights in the presentation . But you be the judge, as this Qilin will ask you always.


[VibePoniez] Canvas – Better With Time (The Empty Tomb Remix) | Future Bass

They say time heals all wounds. Track 11 from Skyscrapers is a remix of Canvas’ Better With Time, produced by The Empty Tomb. While the original was a laid-back lo-fi piece, TET’s rendition keeps the chill vibes while turning into a jumpy and optimistic future bass track! Check out those Pinkie samples; they only make this track more of a joy to listen to, especially during the end when the beat picks up!


Daniel Ingram – My Past is Not Today (PonyBoy441 Remix) (feat. Pinkie Pie) | House

Extending the EQG love, PonyBoy441 did awesome with this stylish remix of the “Sunset redemption song”, even featuring a guest rap performance by Pinkie! The little PMV that goes along with it helps the immersion in the EQG world further and that always feels so great!


RedSpark – Kingdom | Orchestral / Soundtrack

A masterpiece in four movements, this story-centered Orchestral beauty from RedSpark would fit nicely as a score for cutscenes of the S4 finale, as it is themed around it and depicts its events in the different parts. From the prelude to battle, to the action, to the resolution, experience the S4 finale anew in a musical way along an amazing composition!