Daniel Ingram – Living in Color (Lavender Remix) | Drum & Bass

This article was co-written by Canatime and DrakeEmberHeart.

Lavender outdoing herself is a dizzying thought considering how good her music is, but she might very well have done it with this remix. The original being mostly vocals, it is well suited for remixing, and the drum and bass producer, fandom veteran Lavender Harmony, took advantage of this outstandingly well. This colorful remix filled to the brim with positive vibes was over one year in the making, and it shows through the spotless mix and the expertly crafted instrumentation. Overall, it sounds quite frankly genuinely better than most tracks featured on mainstream labels. From the exhilarating brassy lead to the intoxicating drums, the union of all the elements makes it incredibly difficult to see how this song could be any closer to perfection. The remix feels like a tribute to the vibrant colors of the community and is definitely a song posterity will remember. Take it away, Drake.

Canatime thanks for welcoming me here. Leave it to Lavender to put on a show with her work, This remix is so supercharged with high impact positive vibes. Those insane drum beats and the wonderful transitions of color in the video with the pounding bass. Oh my, and the harmonization of Twilight and her friends’ vocals is so fluid with Lavender’s melodies and that HYPER pounding beat in the positive highs of the track, GOODNESS! This is how you make a remix your own my fellow bronies. Enough of me talking, go listen please! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


[P@D] BlackIceMusic – Fluffy Marshmallows (feat. Chasing Dawn & Lennon Black) | Future Bounce

Dear me, it’s getting hot in here…

Track 33 from Ponies at Dawn: Ignite is Fluffy Marshmallows, a collab between BlackIceMusic, Chasing Dawn and Lennon Black! This bouncy song features great callbacks to Mantlegen’s Dirty Gem, even going as far as to use some of the same samples! Dawn delivers a smooth set of bars about Rarity’s… softness… all while the beat bounces with its catchy synth riffs and rumbly basslines. Think Rarity would dance to this one?


RedSpark – A Tale of Starlight – Opening and Main Theme | Orchestral / Soundtrack

Part of a new “Symphonic Poem”, this musical introduction to “A Tale of Starlight” is telling the start of Starlight and Trixie’s journey, finding the lost Princess of Friendship! The epic story is so appreciated and all that mystery is so intriguing! The music does a splendid job at immersing ourselves into that setting, and making us experience the journey in a way along the ponies!


AC-527 – Guess This Is It | House

AC-527 aka DnBeanie just returned into pony music action and that’s such wonderful news!! Check out the rest of their channel to catch up with all of their past contributions to the community if you haven’t already. This new song is definitely very Equestrian with all the cute vibes, and if this heralds new regular releases from the musician then this calls for a party!


SmD House – Irreversibility | Orchestral / Chillout

SmD House’s newest release has their signature style written all over it! The intriguing and dark vibes are fitting the depth of the artwork used in the video so well, and we could feel like we’re diving in that scene through the power of music! And the organ at the end is a very emotional touch that I appreciate a lot!


Blackened Blue – Flight 2020 REMAKE | Metalcore

(Listen to the original here to see just how much more improved the remake is)

It is no secret that many new Musicians are heavily influenced by Linkin Park in someway, They are one of the greatest bands of the modern era of music. That can be heard in this track by Blackened Blue. The style of nu metal instrumental and percussion, but more so by the mood of this song. A young Pegasus is incredibly sad and frustrated by seeing it’s friends that can fly but it has yet too. The lyrics are very emotional and convey a bitterness about it, especially when blackened lets out his natural screaming vocals that just happens to sound like the late Chester Bennington. Absolutely phenomenal and a great way to end his self-titled EP which you can listen to Here. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


BVYANX – Magic | Dubstep

Ah it’s always fun when I hear what some fresh faces with talents have to offer in the modern brony music community! BVYANX here rolls out a showcase of experimentation in Bass, Sounders and wavy synthesis! Using our beloved big brain book horse as a conduit. There is a nice degree of magical synthetics and riffs to represent Twilight playing around with electronic music along with the deep bass and hard synths with a mythical sounding melodies mixed in with the hard beats of Dubstep. Not too bad. I always enjoy a musician taking what a character represents and makes a story out of it through music. This was enjoyable. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself


Toby Macarony – San Maredreas (GTA: San Andreas Theme Parody) | G-Funk



(Warning: Imagery may be upsetting to some. You have been warned)

There is nothing that Toby can not create and be money about it? Accurately taking the Grand theft Auto: San Andreas theme. He throws the MLP theme song into a blender with gangs, drugs and other illegal activities, prompting this result to spit itself out. A perfect instrumental hip hop, blend of ponies and GTA. it’s so good you think it’s from the actual game as a modification. Toby plays things by his rules and does what Toby does lol, All courtesy of his Shenanigans II album. As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


YeahButThenDragons – A Sound I’ll Never Know (Covering 4EverfreeBrony) | Acapella

YeahButThenDragons paid tribute to 4EverfreeBrony‘s Fluttershy-themed track with such gorgeous vocals, in that Acapella style following the previous cover! It sounds very warm and kind, fitting to Fluttershy’s character, and all in all it sure it an awesome tribute!


Cadet & JoinedTheHerd – A Heartfelt Melody | Pop

A heart-warming collab for sure, this union of Cadet‘s vocal talents and JoinedTheHerd‘s instrumental skill is all about the tender love shared between Buttercup aka Pear Butter and Bright Mac. There’s even an acoustic guitar calling back to You’re In My Head Like a Catchy Song, and this is definitely a success!