MrMehster & Tw3Lv3 – Work in Progress (TheTaZe Remix) (Feat. Doodled) | Trap

(Listen to the orginal Here)

Doodled continues to be very consistent in this fandom as a brony rapper with a unique style of rhyme delivery that only he can do. TheTaZe sure does know how to remix a track to give a flow that compliments Doodled’s talent, transforming a prolific hardstyle track (originally from the album Equinity02), to a very smooth and vibing Trap flavor. Doodled delivers a rhythm of rhymes full of inside jokes, gamer humor, references and general trash-talking about originality and the fandom. The lyrics are courtesy of ideas from his goofy friends, TaZe, MrMehster and Tw3Lv3. Leave it to Doodled to try not to laugh while he’s trying to rhyme. You’ve gotta love that charisma. TaZe delivers on another treat that should make you click. As always, this Qilin asked you to judge for yourself. OH and do enjoy the smooth and silky main melody of the the original track. It’s like butter oh yeah!

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