Blackened Blue – Flight 2020 REMAKE | Metalcore

(Listen to the original here to see just how much more improved the remake is)

It is no secret that many new Musicians are heavily influenced by Linkin Park in someway, They are one of the greatest bands of the modern era of music. That can be heard in this track by Blackened Blue. The style of nu metal instrumental and percussion, but more so by the mood of this song. A young Pegasus is incredibly sad and frustrated by seeing it’s friends that can fly but it has yet too. The lyrics are very emotional and convey a bitterness about it, especially when blackened lets out his natural screaming vocals that just happens to sound like the late Chester Bennington. Absolutely phenomenal and a great way to end his self-titled EP which you can listen to Here. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


2 thoughts on “Blackened Blue – Flight 2020 REMAKE | Metalcore

  1. Piximal64 says:

    I think you did a good job describing this one. It reminds me of Linkin’ Park, yet it also reminds me of songs from the Shadow the Hedgehog game. The heavy metal, and screaming, plus the muffled microphone parts. Unfortunately it’s those muffled microphone parts that I think could be a little louder; I want to be able to hear the lyrics even if I don’t see the lyrics on the screen. But overall, pretty good song, and great description Mr. Qilin.

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    • Blackend blue has been building such a name for himself for brony heavy metal music scene. He such a guy for the history of rock, and yes linkin park is one of his favorite bands, much like mine, honest;y if you like this, really check out his EP that’s hyper linked in the article.

      And yeah its help the dude is HMH teammate of mine too. Tapping into in scoots feelings in such a way. was perfect for late 90’s early 2000’s Nu Metal. and if you listened to the original, its WAYYY improved.


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